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Heart Care with Humankindness for Angina in Central California

When there is a lack of blood flow to your heart, you can experience chest pain due to angina. Angina symptoms can feel like squeezing, pressure, or burning in your chest. Considered a major sign of heart disease, angina signals a risk for heart attack.

If you have angina symptoms, call 911 or visit one a Dignity Health Central California hospital for emergency care.

Our heart specialists are dedicated to your heart health for years to come. If you need treatment for angina in Central California, Find a Doctor today who cares for your heart with a philosophy of dignity and respect.


Expert Diagnosis of Angina Symptoms at Dignity Health Central California

In addition to chest discomfort, angina may cause pain that spreads to your jaw, neck, or shoulders. You also may think that you have heartburn. 

Our Dignity Health Central California heart doctors explain angina as either stable angina, which occurs when you exercise or after activities, and unstable angina that can happen unexpectedly during rest. 

Since angina is an early indicator of a more serious cardiovascular condition, you or a loved one should call 911 or seek immediate emergency care if you have unstable angina or any of these symptoms:

  • Sudden or severe tiredness
  • Cold sweats
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

These early warning signs let us know when we need to seek necessary medical treatment. Early treatment and prevention will decrease your risks for long-term problems and can help save your life.


Understanding What Causes Angina

If you heart has limited oxygenated, fresh blood due to the narrowing of your arteries, it could be due to coronary artery disease, or CAD. CAD is one of the most common causes of angina and places you at risk of heart failure and heart attack.

Dignity Health Central California’s comprehensive cardiac team consists of cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, cardiologists, skilled nurses, and other specially trained health care providers. Our hospitals are ready to diagnose and treat your angina while focused on your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.


Trusted Angina Treatment & Prevention

To provide a thorough diagnosis of angina, your heart doctor will recommend several tests, which may include a stress test, heart imaging, electrocardiogram, and coronary angiography.

The most important part of your treatment for angina is finding the underlying cause, which is typically heart disease. Your Dignity Health Central California doctor develops a treatment plan that takes into consideration your personal needs. Angina treatment ranges from lifestyle changes to heart surgery.

Learn ways you can prevent angina from a trusted Dignity Health Central California cardiologist. Take our online heart risk assessment and discuss the results with your doctor.

Dignity Health Central California heart specialists offer personal care for cardiovascular conditions, including angina, in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.