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Safeguarding Your Heart from Pericarditis in Central California

Your heart is protected by a thin membrane that surrounds your heart called the pericardium. Your pericardium can become swollen and irritated at times due to a number of health reasons, such as an infection.

Have you been diagnosed with pericarditis? A personalized treatment plan can be designed by a Dignity Health Central California cardiologist. Find a Doctor for care with humankindness in Central California.

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Determining Pericarditis Causes at Dignity Health Central California

The cause of pericarditis is often difficult to determine. Factors that can lead to this cardiac condition include:

  • Viral or bacterial infection
  • Medications
  • Heart attack
  • Chest trauma
  • Autoimmune diseases, such as lupus or HIV

You may need a series of heart and blood tests to diagnose pericarditis and determine the case.


Recognizing Pericarditis Symptoms

You may experience heart palpitations, fatigue, and coughing due to pericarditis. Pericarditis symptoms also include chest pain, a stabbing sensation on the front of your chest, or pain in your shoulder or upper back.

If you have these symptoms, call 911 or get emergency care at any of the following Dignity Health Central California heart locations:

Your Dignity Health Central California heart doctor will develop a personalized treatment plan that focuses on relieving your pericarditis symptoms and lowering your risks of complications. You may just need to rest and take over-the-counter pain relievers. More serious cases of pericarditis may require medication or surgery.

You will receive treatment with care, dignity, and respect whether you have a mild or severe case of pericarditis. Relieve your pericarditis pain in Central California with the help of a Dignity Health Central California heart doctor.

Dignity Health Central California offer expertise in caring for pericarditis in Bakersfield, and Stockton, CA.