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Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in Central California

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a cardiovascular condition characterized by a narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels in your limbs. PAD can cause life-threatening complications, so prompt and quality treatment is essential to your well-being.

At Dignity Health Central California, we are committed to maintaining or improving your heart health. Our skilled cardiologists offer expert peripheral artery disease treatment in Central California. We can help ease your symptoms of PAD and reduce complications from the disease at any of our locations

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Choosing Treatment for PAD at Dignity Health Central California

One of the main goals of treatment is to reduce the risk of PAD-related complications, including stroke or heart attack. Your doctor may begin your treatment by recommending lifestyle changes, such as increasing physical activity and establishing healthy eating habits. 

Your treatment plan may also include:

  • Help with quitting tobacco
  • Surgery to remove plaque buildup in your arteries
  • Angioplasty to open your arteries for proper blood flow

At our heart care centers, your treatment will always be personalized. Your doctor will consider the severity of your PAD and recommend treatment after considering your symptoms and risk factors for complications.

During your appointment, talk to your cardiologist at Dignity Health Central California about the benefits and risks of each type of treatment.


How to Prevent Peripheral Artery Disease

A buildup of plaque in your arteries causes peripheral artery disease. Leading a heart-healthy lifestyle helps prevent these fatty deposits from forming. Getting regular exercise, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and not smoking are the first steps you can take to prevent PAD. 

Your Dignity Health Central California doctor can help you prevent or slow the progression of peripheral artery disease. Whether you need help staying active or support when quitting smoking, our heart care services are dedicated to protecting the health of your heart.

Dignity Health Central California offers comprehensive PAD treatment in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.