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Physical, Respiratory, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Personalized care every day.


Therapy Services

We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy on an inpatient and outpatient basis. We evaluate your physical condition and treat functional disabilities related to neuromuscular dysfunction, movement disorders, pain syndromes, and open wounds. We also treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and vestibular/ balance disorders and have wound care, Nondestructive testing (NDT) and hand therapy certified therapists available. Treatments for speech, language, cognitive, swallowing, and voice disorders are also provided. Therapist are available who are Vital Stim Certified for swallowing disorders. We serve children through geriatric adults.

Outpatient services are offered Monday thru Friday from 06:45 AM to 07:00 PM, excluding major holidays. Outpatient Services are located at 336 S Halcyon, Suite 140/150, which is across the street from the entrance of the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. Appointments and inquiries may be made by calling (805) 473-7639. 2018 Medicare regulations concerning Therapy Caps do not apply to this facility. This facility is a hospital owned outpatient therapy department, which are excluded from the Cap limits.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Our physical therapy department collaborates with other health care personnel through case management meetings and daily rounds. We collaborate with nursing, radiology, and cardiopulmonary departments to assist with the specific aspects of patient care related to functional status, positioning of patients, and other patient care concerns. In addition, representatives of our physical therapy department participate in patient care committees and task forces as appropriate.

Identifying Your Needs

Patient families, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, nursing assistants, and other licensed personnel can identify patient care needs at any time during the patients' hospitalization. All of our patients are screened for rehabilitation services upon admission.

Respiratory Therapy

Our respiratory therapy department at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital is staffed 24 hours a day by licensed respiratory care practitioners. Along with acute and critical care treatment and support, the respiratory therapy department offers many diagnostic procedures.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Providing respiratory therapy with the latest pulmonary function testing technology available.