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Technological Advances

Technological Advances

At Arroyo Grande Community Hospital we offer the latest technology to provide you with the best care possible. Some of our advanced technologies include:

128-Slice CT Scanner

Arroyo Grande's Plaza Diagnostic Imaging Center features GE’s state-of-the-art, 128-slice LightSpeed low–dose CT Scanner and enhanced MRI technology.

  • ASiR™ low dose technology—cuts radiation exposure by 50 percent, which means peace of mind and safety for you.
  • Greater accuracy and better diagnostic capability for your doctor.


This new surgical treatment for enlarged prostate offers symptom relief with low rates of irreversible complications, such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction, associated with the treatment options previously available.  Learn more.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

This state-of-the-art robotics technology offers surgeons superior visualization, enhanced dexterity and unparalleled precision compared to traditional approaches. This means that surgeons are able to perform complex procedures using a minimally invasive approach resulting in less pain, smaller scars and shorter recovery times for patients.

Faxitron Pathvision

This imaging technology used to more precisely determine the spread of tumor in breast cancer resection specimens. This system allows immediate access to high-resolution images that precisely actuate the location and extent of disease. The addition of this advancement aligns MRMC technological capabilities with the top cancer centers in the nation. The Faxitron system is the only one of its kind on the Central Coast and is the industry’s latest, most advanced specimen radiograph system.

GreenLight Laser Therapy

GreenLight Laser Therapy uses a laser to remove enlarged prostate tissue. The benefits of GreenLight over the traditional surgical treatment is fewer side effects, it’s less invasive and has a shorter recovery time.  

Incision-less GERD Procedure

The new incision-less procedure, using the innovative EsophyX® device, is the latest treatment for safely and effectively treating chronic Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease which is also commonly referred to as GERD. 

The Medtronic O-Arm® Surgical Imaging

This system is used for spine, orthopedic and trauma-related surgeries. This advanced equipment provides real-time, high quality two and three dimensional images of a patient’s anatomy to the surgeon. This technology allows for precise and accurate decision making in the operating room. 


PACS, Picture Archiving and Communication System, is a digital imaging system, a device that captures images without the use of film that can store, display and transmit all types of digital medical images including CT, MRI and ultrasound. It allows physicians to view medical images by use of desktop computer, giving them quick access to images, reducing film costs and decreasing the amount of film storage space needed. 

Stealth Surgical System

The Stealth System is computer-guided surgical navigation system using 3-D imaging and sophisticated instruments to perform complicated neurosurgeries for back and spine. Use of Stealth technology results in smaller incisions, greater accuracy, reduced surgery time and faster recovery. 

Stereotactic Biopsy

This stereotactic equipment provides non-surgical detection of breast disease. It is highly accurate and a significant advance in the ease and accuracy of diagnosing breast disorders. 

The Telemedicine Robots

Links doctors at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, French Hospital Medical Center and Marian Regional Medical Center, to a network of Dignity Health neurologists. Through telemedicine, neuroscience experts are available when needed for consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help assure the best care possible for our patients. The telemedicine robots complement the expertise of our doctors and care givers and offer our patients a high-level specialty consultation within minutes of a stroke patient’s arrival.