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Marian Regional Medical Center

Passion and Expertise


Family Medicine Residency Program

The Marian Regional Medical Center (Marian) Family Medicine Residency Program has recruited top physician faculty and skilled health care professionals and is currently recruiting prospective physician residents who all share one commonality: passion and expertise to be the best in their field.


There are many attributes that make the Marian Family Medicine Residency Program a highly desirable program for residency training - both our staff and residents strive for academic and operational excellence.

We encourage prospective physician residents and interested community members to browse our Marian Family Medicine Residency Program pages to learn more about our residency program, our stunning new hospital and our region - the breathtakingly beautiful Central Coast of California.


At Marian Regional Medical Center, we are developing and training the next generation of family physicians who will improve the health and well-being of all people of California’s Central Coast.


Our goal is to produce family physicians who upon graduation will be equipped to provide excellent, compassionate, evidence-based care in any setting or environment. Our learners will be prepared to adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare environment and help navigate patients through our complex healthcare systems. The education will focus on the fundamentals of clinical medicine while embracing innovation and ingenuity. All of this in an environment that emphasizes quality, safety, and personal wellness. In particular, we are focused on serving our underserved and under-represented community with an eye on identifying and recruiting a diverse resident workforce that aligns with our patient population. As such, we hope that our residents will stay and fulfill our local primary care needs and become pillars of the community, representing the essence of family medicine and the core values of Dignity Health.

Director's Message

Read the letter from David B. Mahoney, MD, Program Director

Program and Curriculum

The Marian Family Medicine Residency Program is a three-year post-graduate program for physicians. Our residents enjoy primary access to training and the focused attention of our faculty in the broad spectrum of Family Medicine.

Marian Regional Medical Center

New. And Always Will Be.

Virtual Tours

Resident Physician Profiles

The Marian Family Medicine Residency Program's mission is to provide resident physicians with the full spectrum of the family medicine specialty while also promoting a scholarly environment that fosters a balance of personal and professional growth and enhances patient health.

Faculty Profiles

Take a moment to review our faculty's impressive biographies and credentials that bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our residents. Our faculty members all share a belief in the educational value of experience. Your medical practice experiences at Marian Regional Medical Center will complement your education and offer depth and validity to your hard-earned credentials.

Medical Students

Information for Medical Students interested in completing a Sub-Internship Rotation with Marian’s Family Medicine Residency Program.

Application Process

Please read all steps carefully.

Just Culture Methodology

We use the Just Culture methodology to analyze and solve issues effecting residents, improving patient safety, and promoting resident well-being.

Central Coast of California

With ideal year-round sunshine and picturesque landscapes, Marian Regional Medical Center is located in Santa Maria, California, nestled in the foothills of Santa Barbara County wine country. Located along the Pacific Ocean halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Santa Maria is located in the heart of the Central Coast and has the largest population in Santa Barbara County.