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The Marian Family Medicine Residency Program is a three-year post-graduate program for physicians. Marian Regional Medical Center chose family medicine as the first of our two residency programs for many reasons. First and foremost, after extensive review and discussion with the hospital’s medical staff, it was decided that by establishing a family medicine residency program, the hospital could provide the educational opportunities and patient experiences necessary to produce outstanding family medicine physicians. In addition, the facility’s leadership and board recognize the critical need to continue adding family physicians in our region and throughout the nation.

The Marian Family Medicine Residency Program is ACGME accredited with Osteopathic Recognition and approved for six residents per year for a total of 18 residents. For more information regarding the osteopathic track, please click here

As a resident at Marian, you will experience the entire spectrum of family medicine, from labor and delivery to geriatrics and every life stage in between. In addition, residents are trained in a variety of settings, from inpatient and private practice to outpatient community clinics, underserved clinics, and urgent care settings.

We believe that our resident physicians are important contributors to our hospital’s evolving culture of safety and our clinic’s Patient-Centered Medical Home. We believe that patients and learners deserve safe, evidence-based, efficient care systems that focus on continuously improving team-based care principles.

In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, our community-based, three-year training program offers practical opportunities for every resident. Our program rotations include:    


Family Medicine Inpatient Service (16 weeks)
Prenatal and Obstetrics (8 weeks)
Inpatient Pediatrics (6 weeks)
Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)
Outpatient Pediatrics (4 weeks)
Cardiology (4 weeks)
General Surgery (4 weeks)
Neonatal Intensive Care (2 weeks)
Scholarly Activity and Family Medicine (4 weeks)


Family Medicine Night Float (8 weeks)
Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)
Orthopedics (4 weeks)
Endocrinology (2 weeks)
Gynecology (4 weeks)
Neurology (4 weeks)
Underserved (4 weeks)
Family Medicine Clinic (4 weeks)
Oncology (2 weeks)
Urology (2 weeks)
Scholarly Activity and Family Medicine (4 weeks)
ENT (2 weeks)
Elective (4 weeks)


Family Medicine Inpatient Service (8 weeks)
Dermatology (4 weeks)
Psychiatry (4 weeks)
Outpatient Pediatrics (4 weeks)
Gastroenterology (4 weeks)
Family Medicine Clinic (4 weeks)
Geriatrics (4 weeks)
Scholarly Activity and Family Medicine (4 weeks)
Underserved (4 weeks)
Elective (12 weeks)

Family Medicine

The Marian Family Medicine Residency Program was designed to produce residents who are equipped to begin practicing in their specialty. All of our core faculty physicians have the important practical community experience that is vital to patient care. Our residents participate in a three-year outpatient family medicine rotation. Residents participate in this rotation simultaneously in the first block of each year. In addition to concentrating on their outpatient practice, residents have an opportunity to participate in seminars, simulation projects and other small group activities focused on those elements that set family medicine apart as a specialty.

The Dignity Health Family Medicine Center is the practice site for the program’s resident physicians and is where they will learn by caring for their own panel of patients under the supervision of practicing faculty physicians. This on-campus health center is newly remodeled, technologically up-to-date and offers comprehensive care for patients of all ages. 

Marian Family Medicine Residency Program Brochure

Integrative Medicine Track

Program Goals:
The Marian Family Medicine Residency Integrative Medicine in Residency is a unique program designed to offer additional education and training in the diagnosis and treatment of primary care patients using the tools and philosophies of Integrative Medicine. The curriculum for this track is elective and is taught either longitudinally over all 3 years, or can be completed in an elective block during R2/R3 training years. The track will include various educational elements integrated into the standard family medicine residency curriculum.  At the core of the program is our collaboration with the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine, giving residents access to their web-based series of modules which are part of their Integrative Medicine in Residency program.


  1. Participate in assigned activities including: completion of University of Arizona IM curricula, didactic presentation assignments, and participation in healthy together lifestyle medicine group sessions. 
  2. Residents will need to complete an academic project focused on integrative medicine/ lifestyle medicine. 
  • Topic presentation at a regional, state or national meeting
  • Publications, including-articles, book chapters, abstracts, or case reports in peer-reviewed journals
  • Publication of peer-reviewed performance improvement or education research
  • Presentation to community in discussion of integrative medicine concepts

University of Arizona Curriculum
The web-based curriculum through the University of Arizona consists of teaching modules covering a wide range of topics central to the primary care practice of Integrative Medicine. 
To access a short informational video on the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona go to:

Continuing Medicine Education (CME)/ Guest Speakers
Dr. Anne Kennard, DO, is the Director of this program and Fellowship trained in integrative medicine.  In addition, high quality speakers are brought to the Central Coast for lecture series. Lectures are offered as a CME opportunity where residents and medical staff are able to join together in learning about the latest developments in IM. 

Experiential Activities 
Quarterly experiential activities are offered to residents while on the integrative medicine track. These activities provide the residents with a more hands on experience which can potentially enhance the knowledge and skills they are being taught.

Activities include 

  • Culinary Medicine 
  • Mindfulness training 
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture  
  • And many more


How does the Integrative track fit in with the other usual, required residency rotations? Does this take the place of any rotations?
This is a longitudinal curriculum, meaning that residents can continue learning the additional educational material gradually over all 3 years and the information is integrated into a variety of the core family medicine rotations. Residents on this track still complete all the same residency rotations as their peers. The goal is first and foremost to help you become a well-trained and highly skilled family physician; this offers you the best groundwork to then apply your additional skills and knowledge in Integrative medicine to the benefit of your patients.  

Will I use elective time for IM Track activities? 
If you choose to have a focused elective rotation for integrative medicine you may do so. Elective opportunities consist of online curriculum work, opportunity to perform integrative medicine consults and/or lead patients in lifestyle-medicine based group visits, time for academic project completion, and experiential activities. 

How do I apply? Is there a separate match application? 
There is not a separate match application for this track. Students interested in being considered for this track follow all the usual residency applications procedures. When you arrange your interview, simply indicate that you have an interest in hearing more about the Integrative Medicine Track. You will have the opportunity to ask more questions about the track during your interview and can tell us at that time if you’d like to be considered for the track.  

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