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Find Emergency Care When Struck by Lightning

Did you know that cloud-to-ground lightning strikes occur millions of times a day throughout the world? Despite its common occurrence, the chance of being struck by lightning is very low.

However, if you or another person is hit by lightning, call 911 or get immediate emergency care. This form of electrical shock is deadly in about one out of 10 lightning strikes.

For lightning strikes and other emergency situations, know that emergency doctors at Dignity Health St. John's provide care with a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect.


Treatment for Lightning Strikes at Dignity Health St. John's

In the rare chance that a person gets struck by lightning, our doctors at Dignity Health can treat the symptoms that may result. 

Symptoms of a lightning strike include: 

  • Confusion, memory issues, and disorientation
  • Breathing problems or not breathing
  • Unconsciousness or coma
  • Irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrest
  • Paralysis, weakness, numbness, or pain
  • Trouble with vision
  • Burns
  • Temporary hearing loss
  • Changes in personality

At Dignity Health St. John's, our emergency team’s approach to all medical conditions focuses on your mental, spiritual, and physical needs.


Keeping Yourself Safe from Lightning Strikes

You can prevent being struck by lightning by seeking shelter indoors or in a vehicle when you first hear thunder. As soon as you are safely inside, stay away from electrical appliances and equipment, as well as water. If you can’t get indoors, crouch into a ball. Do not lie down outside.

If you see someone who you believe has been hit by lightning, call 911. You can touch the person to determine their physical condition, but be aware that lightning can strike the same place twice. If the person is not breathing or has no pulse, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until emergency medical help arrives.

Stay safe by preventing your exposure to lightning strikes. To talk to an expert at Dignity Health St. John's about this or other medical emergencies, contact us today.

Dignity Health treats people with a variety of emergency conditions, including those who have been struck by lightning.