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St. John's Orthopaedic Center

Orthopaedic Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology

Dedicated to treating patients with the most advanced technology proven to improve outcomes, St. John’s Hospital Camarillo stands as the only hospital in Ventura County to offer two advanced orthopaedic robotic systems: Mako Robotic System for knee replacements, and ROSA® which provides specialized robotics for both hip and knee replacements. Both systems provide our patients with customized joint replacements and enable surgeons to control and move surgical instruments, allowing for greater precision during procedures. The result? Patients recover quickly and get back to enjoying life.

How It Works

  • A CT scan before the surgery is used to build a 3D model of the patient’s joint, making each procedure truly patient-specific.
  • Computerized mapping along with the robotic arm helps ensure the best possible alignment.
  • The robotic arm also provides tactile, visual and auditory feedback to assist the surgeon in achieving the desired orientation, which can enhance stability and mobility for optimal precision.


Surgeons who use robotic systems find they offer numerous advantages, including:

Accuracy and Reproducibility

  • Consistent reproducible precision
  • More accurate implant placement
  • Lower risk of injury to adjacent tissues
  • More natural feeling, better long-term function

Greater Bone Preservation

  • The robotic arm will only operate in an envelope of space predefined by the CT image.
  • No chance of an instrument slipping and injuring adjacent tissues
  • The haptic robotic technology allows the surgeon to cut precisely what’s planned to help protect the patient’s healthy bone.

Low Revision/Failure Rates

  • Produces more consistent ligament balance and has a lower revision rate compared to conventional techniques
  • Precise preparation of the fixation surface helps ensure better bone ingrowth

Less Post-Operative Pain

  • With smaller incisions and better precision, patients experience less pain in recovery
  • Less dependence on painkillers, reduces the risk of addiction

Implant Survivorship

Robotic-assisted joint replacements have been found to have high survivorship and high satisfaction rates at short-term follow-up.

Who is a Candidate?

If your patient suffers from degenerative joint disease and the pain no longer responds to medication and other non-surgical treatments, robotically-assisted orthopaedic surgery may be the next step.

Total Knee Replacement may be the best option for those who experience knee pain that interferes with daily activity and is persistent even at rest.

Partial Knee Replacement may be the best option for those who suffer from knee pain with activity, usually on the inner knee and/or under the kneecap or the outer knee.

Total Hip Replacement may be recommended for those who experience pain while putting weight on the affected hip, limping to lessen the weight-bearing pressure on the affected hip, pain that may radiate to the groin, lower back, or down the thigh to the knee, and start-up knee pain or stiffness when activities are initiated from a sitting position.

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Our team of board-certified orthopaedic doctors and therapists specialize in orthopaedic procedures to treat conditions ranging from sprains and tears to orthopaedic surgeries.

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A Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement

St. John's Orthopaedic Center has been designated as a Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement for its comprehensive inpatient knee and hip replacement services, including total knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries.