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Funding Sources

Our 74-bed Sub-Acute Unit is conveniently located on the same campus as St. John’s Hospital Camarillo’s acute care hospital and emergency services.

Funding Sources for Patient Stays in Sub-Acute Unit

St. John’s Sub-Acute Unit is funded by a variety of commercial, public, and private funding sources, including but not limited to: 

  • Workmens’ Compensation
  • Medi-Cal (with or without a share of cost)
  • Medi-Cal HMO (such as Gold Coast or Cen Cal)
  • Private health plans (i.e. BC / Anthem or BS, depending on the benefit available for sub-acute care)
  • Medicare

Please Note: For patients with Medicare or private health plans, Medi-Cal is required to provide payment beyond Medicare’s 100-day benefit and/or to provide payment beyond the private health plan’s coverage. It is important to, at minimum, have the Medi-Cal application in place at the time of the patient evaluation for Sub-Acute Unit.

For information regarding our Sub-Acute Unit, please contact our clinical liaison at (805) 389-5956. Please fax referrals to (805) 389-5951.