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Q&A With Dr. Christie Carroll: Smart Glasses and Health Care


Dr. Carroll, a dermatologist at Woodland Clinic, discusses how Augmedix is influencing her practice and allowing her to foster strong patient connections.


Sleep Tips Pediatricians Use With Their Own Kids


Dr. Andrew Katz, a pediatrician with Mercy Medical Group, shares his expertise and own experience with building sleep habits in this Q&A.


Endometrial Cancer: Risk Factors, Warning Signs, and Treatment


Endometrial cancer is the most common form of uterine cancer and if it caught early, it is one of the most treatable and least deadly gynecological cancers.


What Is Graves' Disease?


Dr. Patricia Ostrander of Mercy Medical Group explains the signs, symptoms and treatment options for Graves' disease, which has been making headlines since TV show host Wendy Williams announced her diagnosis.


Sleep Disorders Expert on Daylight Saving Time


Dr. Richard Beyer, a neurologist and sleep disorders expert with Dignity Health Medical Foundation - Woodland and Davis, answers questions related to sleep and daylight saving time.


Colon Cancer: Screening, Prevention, and Treatment


Dr. Jagrati Mathur explains the importance of colon cancer screenings and outlines methods of prevention and treatment, in honor of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.


Longtime Redding Resident Named New Clinic Operations Manager, Dignity Health Medical Group – North State


Dignity Health Medical Foundation welcomes health care leader Holley Neville as clinic operations manager for Dignity Health Medical Group – North State.


FAQ: Heart Disease With Dr. Mary Larson


In this video, Dr. Mary Larson, a cardiologist with Dignity Health Medical Group - Sequoia, answers five common questions related to heart disease.


Avoiding a Workout Injury


Have you kept up with your new year's resolution to hit the gym or exercise more? Dr. Michael Shea of Mercy Medical Group gives tips to help avoid workout injuries.


Minimizing the Ouch Factor – 9 Tips to Make Vaccinations Easier for Kids


If you’re taking your child in for their flu shot or vaccinations, you’ll want to read this infographic.


Dignity Health Medical Network — Sequoia and Sequoia Hospital Join Canopy Healthcare Alliance


Canopy Health is expanding its network to include Dignity Health Medical Network — Sequoia and Sequoia Hospital, pending regulatory approval.


Mercy Medical Group Earns National Recognition for Efforts Aimed at Reducing Heart Attacks and Strokes


The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) have recognized Mercy Medical Group for its commitment to reducing the number of patients who have heart attacks and strokes each year.


Understanding Your Thyroid


Dr. Samira Kirmiz outlines potential signs of a thyroid problem.

Six Steps to Surviving Cold and Flu Season


Urgent care doctor John Martinez, MD, discusses six tips for surviving cold and flu season.

Building a Better Relationship With Your Doctor


For some, the new year also means a new doctor! Dr. Chinichian discusses tips for building a good relationship with your health care provider.

Flu Season Q&A With Dr. John Martinez, East Woodland Urgent Care


This year's flu season has hit many families hard! In a recent live interview, Dr. Martinez talked about the importance of the flu shot, prevention tips, and more.


Q&A With a Pediatrician: Screen Time and Your Child's Health


Is your child spending more time in front of TVs, tablets and phones? Pediatrician Dr. Favila discusses children and screen time.

Dr. Nadine Lyseight, of Dignity Health Medical Group — Inland Empire, Explains "Mommy Brain"


Mom brain, momnesia, baby brain — there are several terms for the foggy feeling that many new mothers experience. Learn the truth behind this phenomenon.

Dignity Health Medical Group – Inland Empire Launches Pediatric Services in Highland


Dignity Health Medical Group – Inland Empire has opened a brand new pediatrics suite in Highland, with pediatrician Elizabeth Theriault, MD. Learn more...;

National Family Caregiver’s Month


November is National Family Caregiver’s Month. Here are a few tips for family caregivers, who need to remember to take care of themselves, too!

Swap Holiday Guilt for Holiday Health [Slideshow]


This holiday season, look for opportunities to make a healthy swap – exchanging high calorie ingredients with healthier, more nutritious options.

Stay Safe this Season


Did you know that about 15,000 Americans end up in the ER every holiday season because of injuries sustained while decorating for the holidays? Follow these tips to help avoid being the victim of a holiday mishap.

Mark Spitzer, DO, Joins Dignity Health Medical Group – Merced


Dignity Health Medical Foundation welcomes Mark Spitzer, DO, an ear, nose, and throat doctor who practices in Merced, CA. Learn more about his specialty...

Woodland & Davis Welcome Several New Providers to Growing List of Experts and Specialists


Dignity Health Medical Foundation – Woodland and Davis welcomes new providers, with specialties in neurology, oncology, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology.

Aging Adults and Depression


Information about aging adults and depression, reviewed by Dr. Chester Tung, DO, a family physician at Dignity Health Medical Group – Inland Empire.

Breast Cancer: Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Myths


[VIDEO] Dr. Joelle Jakobsen of Mercy Medical Group, and Dr. Daniel Herron of Mercy Radiology Group discuss breast cancer, mammograms, and common myths.


Sara Whatley, DO, Joins Dignity Health Medical Group in the Ventura Region


Family medicine physician Sara Whatley, DO, has joined Dignity Health Medical Group at their Camarillo location at 5051 Verdugo Way.

7 Things You Should Talk to Your Doctor About If You Think You’ve Been Exposed to Valley Fever


Zeba Yamin, MD, of Dignity Health Medical Group – Bakersfield, lists seven things to discuss with your doctor if you think you have valley fever.


Valley Fever in Kern County: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment


John Miller, MD, of Dignity Health Medical Group – Bakersfield discusses Valley Fever in Kern County, including signs, symptoms, and treatment.

A Pediatrician’s Top Tips for Back-to-School Health


Dignity Health Medical Group pediatrician Komal Afzal, DO, offers four tips for families preparing for the new school season.

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