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Our Community

Mt. Shasta, known for picturesque mountain terrain and quality of life, draws visitors from all across Northern California. We’re a gateway to recreation, and have a unique blend of friendly neighborhoods, attractive parks, fine restaurants, and prosperous businesses.

With a population of 3600, we’re a city with a small town feel. The streets are safe and clean, local businesses provide a stable financial base, and there is a great community spirit for all to enjoy. Located only an hour’s drive north of Redding, the City of Mt. Shasta has easy access to the excitement and amenities of nine counties within the area, while retaining its own identity as the recreational and cultural hub of the Shasta Region.

Mt. Shasta is 60 miles north of Redding and 60 miles south of the Oregon border next to Interstate 5. We’re surrounded by pine-covered mountains. The snowy volcanic peak of Mt. Shasta stands at 14,162 feet high, majestic and welcoming.

A town with pioneer, Mt. Shasta is a scenic get-away, a sleepy retirement community, artists' colony, and tourism center. The breathtaking scenery, delightfully different seasons, clean air and water, and unlimited recreational opportunities continue to attract people from all points of the compass.

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