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Trusted Cardiac Rehabilitation in Northern California

A strong heart is the core of a healthy, functioning body. When surgery, injury, or certain heart conditions weaken your heart, cardiac rehabilitation programs at Dignity Health North State can help. As part of our commitment to leading healthy communities, we offer comprehensive heart care services to strengthen your heart, prevent future heart problems, and improve your wellbeing.

Trust heart care that’s rooted in humankindness and Find a Doctor online to begin quality cardiac rehabilitation in Northern California.


Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation at Dignity Health North State

Managing your heart health after a crisis can be stressful. You may need help regaining heart strength, maintaining a healthy weight, and starting a new, healthier lifestyle. Your doctor, along with a cardiac rehabilitation specialist and other dedicated team members, will work together to help you stay on track to a healthy heart. 

Your doctor may also recommend cardiac rehabilitation to help you:

The goal of our cardiac rehabilitation program is to improve the quality of your life, starting with your heart.


What to Expect with Cardiac Rehab

The average cardiac rehabilitation program lasts three months, but your program may be shorter or longer depending on your personalized plan of care. Before you begin the program, your doctor will perform a thorough evaluation to determine your needs and help you set goals.

Your cardiac rehabilitation program may consist of:

  • Monitored cardio exercises that build stamina and strengthen your heart
  • Expert education about a heart-healthy diet and exercise
  • Compassionate counseling to help you cope with the natural stress that comes with a health condition

With cutting-edge exercise equipment and a dedicated heart care team, you can trust Dignity Health North State to help improve the function of your heart. 

Heart care centers at Dignity Health North State offer cardiac rehabilitation in Redding, CA.