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Reliable Emergency Radiology in Northern California

Emergency radiology is a type of emergency service that uses imaging exams to diagnose traumatic injuries and illnesses. The results from imaging tests reveal a wide variety of internal bodily functions – from broken bones to blood clots and damaged arteries. With the help of quality emergency radiology at Dignity Health North State, your doctor can quickly diagnose your condition and create a personalized treatment plan. 

Visit one of our emergency departments for prompt diagnostic imaging in Northern California. Now, you can wait at home until you’re ready for treatment. Simply schedule your estimated arrival time at the ER with InQuicker.


Why You May Need Emergency Radiology

Your doctor will recommend imaging exams to understand your symptoms.

Our wide range of imaging can reveal and diagnose common traumatic conditions, including:


Emergency Diagnostic Imaging at Dignity Health North State

In most cases, emergency imaging is performed in the radiology department. If you need bedside radiology, our ER is equipped with portable X-ray and ultrasound technology. 

To get an inside look at your body, you may need one or a combination of the following imaging exams:

  • X-ray, to view a particular part of your body
  • Emergency ultrasound, to capture a real-time image of internal bodily functions
  • CT scan, which is excellent for diagnosing bone-related injuries
  • MRI scan, for a detailed image of soft tissues and internal organs

After your exam, a specially trained emergency radiologist will interpret the results and promptly share them with your doctor. The time varies for each procedure and interpretation of results, but the goal is to quickly interpret the results for a timely diagnosis and treatment. 

At Dignity Health North State, our emergency department staff relies on quality emergency imaging for the most effective treatment. Visit one of our emergency rooms in northern California for complete emergency care.

Trained emergency radiology specialists at Dignity Health North State provide high-quality emergency radiology in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.