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Expert Triage in Northern California

When you visit one of our emergency rooms at Dignity Health North State, a skilled triage nurse will review your symptoms and other vital information to determine the most appropriate level of care. This process is called triage, a type of emergency service that prioritizes acutely ill patients. 

At Dignity Health North State, triage ensures the sickest patients receive treatment first. For acute medical care that’s guided by the goal of healing, visit one of our emergency rooms. We’re a leading provider of emergency room triage in Northern California. If you prefer to wait at home until you’re ready for treatment, use InQuicker to schedule an estimated arrival time.


The Role of a Triage Nurse at Dignity Health North State

A triage nurse has the challenging role of assessing your’ symptoms to determine who should receive treatment first. To do this, your emergency room nurse will evaluate your symptoms and take your vitals, including your blood pressure, breathing rate, pulse, and temperature. 

After your evaluation, your triage nurse will then determine your level of care according to five categories:

  1. Immediate life-saving treatment
  2. High-risk situation
  3. Urgent
  4. Semiurgent
  5. Nonurgent

Breathing problems and abnormal vital signs are both common reasons for immediate treatment. Sometimes your symptoms can change or worsen after you’ve been triaged. If you notice changes in your condition, always share them with our staff so a reassessment can determine your level of care.


What to Expect with Emergency Room Triage

We believe that each patient in our ER is worthy of timely treatment. If you don’t require immediate treatment, our emergency services staff will tend to your needs and offer compassionate care while you wait to see a doctor. You will be given a warm blanket, a tablet, and other accommodations to ensure you have a comfortable wait time.

Visit Dignity Health North State for triage that’s rooted in healing and humankindness.

Dignity Health North State provides reliable triage in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.