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Faith Health Partnership

A Faith Health Partnership is a collaborative agreement between a medical center and a faith community where-in a faith community nurse serves as leader of faith health ministry and promotes health as wholeness of the faith community.

The practice of a faith community nurse is based on professional competency, sensitivity and compassion. This program is focused on assisting persons to find inner strength to make informed choices regarding appropriate access and use of external resources in order to better manage health and well-being.

The Faith Health Partnership provides:

  • Multi-faith retreats, seminars, workshops and ongoing education/training for:
    • Registered Nurses
    • Allied Health Professionals
    • Congregational Health Ministry Teams
    • Lay Health Leaders
    • Pastoral Leadership
    • Congregational preparation for development of faith health ministry
  • Extension of compassionate loving care into the community
  • Provision of seamless transition from hospital to home through the Faith Community
  • Participants will learn how to integrate faith and health; practice and ministry; and spirituality and health care.  They will study the history of the faith/health movement; the ancient story of compassionate care; and the evolving models of faith community nursing which are adapting to the multiple challenges of our present day.

Our Covenanted Partners

  • Corpus Christi Catholic Church
  • Light & Life Free Methodist Church
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
  • Red Mountain United Methodist Church
  • Sun Lakes United Methodist Church
  • San Tan Christian Center
  • Saving Grace Lutheran Church
  • Saint Steven’s Catholic Church

For more information, please contact Sharon Stanton, MS, RN, at (480) 728-7492.