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Building Blocks

The Building Blocks program is a mobile-clinic screening program comprising critical healthcare for children and vulnerable adults. This program is available through the collaboration of several community partnerships. Screenings are done by trained professionals, and they’re quick and easy.

Hearing & Vision Screenings for Children

Children need to adequately see and hear the world around them to help keep them safe. Their development and learning are also greatly impacted by these two skills. The Building Blocks for Children program has an established partnership with the Ear Foundation and the Amblyopic Foundation to provide equipment, training and services to provide hearing and vision screening.

By Appointment Only/Solo Con Cita Previa

Call/llame (480) 728-3140
Monday – Wednesday/Lunes – Miercoles, 9 a.m. – 12 noon

Location days/times:

Schedule subject to change.

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Vision Screenings for Adults

The Building Blocks for Adults program is a mobile clinic, vision screening program. The program's purpose is to provide the vulnerable population living with housing insecurity, who are enrolled in partner community programs, with:

  • Vision screening
  • Education
  • Referrals for follow up care

This is a no cost vision screening program which aims to improve overall health and quality of life in a vulnerable population.