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Chandler Regional Becomes First in Arizona to Install ROBODOC® Surgical System

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Chandler Regional Medical Center, a Dignity Health™ Member, is one of only two hospitals in the country to feature the ROBODOC® Surgical System, an advanced orthopedic mapping and robotic surgery system.

“ROBODOC is the only active robotic system that is currently being used for orthopedics,” said Tim Bricker, president and CEO of Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert Medical Centers. “We are proud to be home to the first commercial installation of this cutting edge technology.”

The surgical system was introduced to the United States in May 2010 at a show site in San Diego. It has performed more than 28,000 procedures worldwide and can do several different surgeries. It will be used for hip replacements at Chandler Regional at this time.

The ORTHODOC® pre-planning computer workstation allows surgeons to do a virtual surgery ahead of time so several different implant options can be tried until the optimal implant and fit is identified. Then the ROBODOCuses the virtual surgery data and a robotic arm does the image guided surgery under the surgeon’s control.

“ROBODOC allows for greater precision and accuracy, which in-turn provides better surgical outcomes for patients,” said Danton Dungy, M.D., who is currently trained to use the system at Chandler Regional.

About Curexo Technology Corporation
Curexo Technology Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets an image-directed surgical robotic system for orthopaedic surgery. The ROBODOC Surgical System includes two components: ORTHODOC, a 3-D workstation for preoperative surgical planning, and the ROBODOC Surgical Assistant, a computer-controlled surgical robot utilized for precise cavity and surface preparation for hip and knee replacement surgeries. The ROBODOC Surgical System is the only active robotic system cleared by the FDA for orthopedic surgery. To date the system has been used in over 28,000 combined total knee arthroplasty (T)KA and total hip arthroplasty (T)HA surgical procedures worldwide. TKA is currently not available for sales in the U.S. ROBODOC and ORTHODOC, are registered trademarks of Curexo Technology Corporation. Visit for more information.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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