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Cardiac CTA Scan

Chandler Regional's heart care specialists perform this non-invasive heart X-ray test to determine if you have plaque (fatty or calcium deposits) built up in your coronary arteries. The images create a three-dimensional picture of your heart which can be viewed on a computer screen.

Why Do I Need A Cardiac CTA?

Coronary arteries supply blood to the heart muscle, and if plaque is blocking these arteries it can lead to heart disease. Heart disease can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain and, if untreated, a heart attack.  

How Does the Scan Work? 

Prior to the X-ray, you will receive an iodine contrast dye through an IV solution to obtain the best images possible. You may also be given a medication to slow or stabilize your heart rate to ensure better imaging results. The X-rays being passed through your body are picked up by special detectors in the scanner.

Multi-Slice CT at Chandler Regional 

All Cardiac CT Angiography studies are performed using our computer tomography (CT) scanners with a complete dose protection system, offering lower radiation doses and maximum quality images. Additional patient benefits from our scanners include:

  • Rapidly imaging more of the body with clearer images, possibly eliminating the need for follow-up tests
  • Managing radiation dosages in all of the examinations, blocking unnecessary doses before and after the spiral scan
  • Enabling doctors to differentiate, characterize, isolate and distinguish tissue, making it easier to determine a disease
  • Adapting to a patient's medical needs and covering that exact range and generating images into four dimensions
  • Meeting the challenge of testing larger patients by offering a wider bore, broad imaging range and 660-pound table weight capacity

When Will I Receive My Results? 

A Chandler Regional radiologist will analyze the images collected during your cardiac CTA scan and send the results to your doctor who will schedule a follow-up appointment to review the test results.

Learn More About Cardiac CTA Scans At Chandler Regional

For more information, please review our cardiac CTA frequently asked questions, or call us anytime at (480) 728-3179.