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Submitting and Access to Studies

Who can submit studies?

Only the study’s author; usually the PI, can submit studies. The primary investigator must sign off and submit new and continuing reviews and other study report forms. Other study submissions, e.g., SAE’s may be completed by others listed as Key Study Personnel (KSP) of the application.

Who can view/access studies?

  • Only individuals designated as KSP on the study and with appropriate “Role based access”
  • Study access is usually limited to the PI, sub-I(s), KSP, study contact(s), IRB members and staff

How can I search for my studies?

  • You can search by Principal Investigator’s Name, the IRB number, the Study acronym/short title, Department, Study status (open, closed, etc)., the Submission Reference # or the Study Expiration Date

Where do I find help if I have a problem with the forms or using iMedRIS?

  • If you have problems with the forms look for the HELP or using iMedRIS go to the Go to My Assistant tab
  • Click on the Operating Procedures for specific information, tips and instructions for reporting problems.

If you don't find the answers you're searching for, please call the East Valley Regional IRB at (480) 728-3582.