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Share status with family, see wait times and much more right from your mobile phone with CareAdvisor

With CareAdvisor, you can navigate your inpatient and/or emergency department visit at Chandler Regional Medical Center with ease.

  • Provide cell number at check in
  • Receive a text
  • Click the link
  • Enter your name and get started
  • Ask a patient experience nurse for help

Take control of your inpatient visit with CareAdvisor.

  • No sign-up or app download required
  • Make service requests 
  • Communicate with your care team 
  • Get more info on patient services 
  • No sign-up or app download needed 
  • See lab results
  • Receive discharge summary 
  • Make follow up appointments

When ordering meals, please refer to the provided menu.

Follow your emergency room status on your cell phone

  • Share your visit with family
  • View estimated wait times throughout your visit
  • Request service

*No sign-up or download required*

Provide cell phone number at registration to get started.

Dignity Health is committed to working with you to improve your health and nurturing a positive patient experience.

Chandler Regional ER Advisor

What patients are saying

"I loved it and thought it was super helpful, extremely easy to use and it's a big help being able to share updates with family."

"I think the best part of the new system is the ability to ask for something while you are waiting, such as water, food, blanket, etc."

"It was easy."

Find an emergency room near you

Find an emergency room near you and schedule an appointment online. You can wait from the comfort of your home until your estimated arrival time. 

Chandler Regional CareAdvisor

CareAdvisor helps patients navigate their hospital visit by notifying them what the next steps in their care will be, provides real-time lab results, and the ability to order meals among other features.  

Thousands of patients each year get the extra comfort in tracking their care with CareAdvisor.


Chandler Regional ER Advisor

Patients are rating their CareAdvisor emergency room experience 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

Nearly half of all ER patients are clicking their welcome link and navigating their care journey during their ER visit right from their mobile phones.