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Congratulations To St. Joseph’s “Top Docs”

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More than 130 St. Joseph's Physicians Named "Top Docs" by Phoenix Magazine, Barrow Surgeon Featured on Cover

More than 130 St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical physicians have been named top doctors in this year’s PHOENIX magazine’s “Top Docs” issue. Robert Spetzler, MD, world renowned neurosurgeon and director of St. Joseph’s Barrow Neurological Institute, appears on this year’s cover and is profiled in the publication. Phoenix Magazine’s “Top Docs” issue is the Valley’s most influential publication that ranks physicians in the Phoenix-area.

PHOENIX magazine’s top doctors are selected through a survey of 5,000 randomly selected Valley doctors each year. The doctors are asked to nominate peers who, in their judgment, represent the best in their field. Now in its 20th year, the list includes Valley’s doctors in 51 different medical specialties.

“Our team strives every day to provide our patients with the most advanced and skilled medical care,” says Patty White, president of St. Joseph’s. “I’m proud of the St. Joseph’s team for the amazing care we provide to our patients from Arizona and throughout the world.

Top Docs At St. Joseph's 

Allergy and Immunology

  • *Michael E. Manning, MD
  • Mark Schubert, MD
  • Darrell W. Wong, MD


  • Roland M Couche, MD
  • Calvin C. Eng, MD
  • Thomas J. Matiski, MD
  • Steven P. Serlin, MD
  • *Dean F. Smith, MD


  • William A. Arnold, MD (employed)
  • Kevin Wayne Potter, DO (employed)

Breast Cancer Surgery

  • Venkataramanarasimham “Bob” Evani, MD


  • Timothy J. Byrne, DO
  • Madhavagopal “Gopi” Cherukuri, MD
  • James J. Hines, MD
  • Marc Alan Kates, DO
  • Nathan Laufer, MD
  • Peter C. Maki, MD
  • Christina S. Reuss, MD
  • Gregory Philip Sanders, MD
  • *John H. Stock, MD

Cardiovascular Disease

  • *Timothy J. Byrne, DO
  • Madhavagopal “Gopi” Cherukuri, MD
  • *Richard R. Heuser, MD
  • James J. Hines, MD
  • Gordi S. Khera, MD
  • Nathan Laufer, MD
  • Christina S. Reuss, MD
  • Daniel O. Storch, MD

Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Orazio L. Amabile, MD
  • Kenneth A. Ashton, MD
  • Kevin M. Brady, MD
  • Michael P. Caskey, MD
  • *H. Kenith Fang, MD
  • Merick S. Kirshner, MD
  • John J. Nigro, MD


  • Lindsay Skye Ackerman, MD


  • Joan F. Bailey, MD
  • Anna Boron, MD (employed)
  • Laura Knecht, MD (employed)

Family Practice

  • Andrea L. Darby-Stewart, MD (employed)
  • Sara R. Pena, MD (employed)


  • Millie Aliva Behera, MD
  • *H. Randall Craig, MD
  • Ketan S. Patel, MD


  • Michael R. Mills, MD

General Surgery

  • Charles E. Castillo, MD
  • Venkataramanarasimham “Bob” Evani, MD
  • Kathleen Graziano, MD
  • Raymond Shamos, MD (employed)

Gynecologic Oncology

  • Ivor Benjamin, MD
  • John Hall Farley, MD (employed)
  • Bradley James Monk, MD (employed)
  • Dennis Ronald Scribnber, Jr., MD

Hand Surgery

  • *Lloyd P. Champagne, MD
  • Edward Martin Reece, MD
  • Jozef Zoldos, MD

Hematology and Oncology

  • John L. Bibb, MD
  • Lanny I. Hecker, MD
  • Michael S. Roberts, MD

Infectious Disease

  • Omar Gonzalez, MD

nternal Medicine

  • Sonal P. Haerter, MD (employed)
  • Donald E. Paxton, MD
  • Priya Radhakrishnan, MD (employed)

Nephrology and Hypertension

  • Melissa M. Go, MD
  • Alejandro Morales, MD
  • Berne Yee, MD


  • Barry A. Hendin, MD
  • *Seth M. Kaufman, MD
  • Kerry L. Knievel, DO (employed)
  • David S. Saperstein, MD


  • F. David Barranco, MD
  • Brian C. Fitzpatrick, MD 
  • Frederick F. Marciano, MD
  • Peter Nakaji, MD
  • Randall W. Porter, MD
  • *Robert F. Spetzler, MD
  • Nicholas Theodore, MD
  • Luis M. Tumialan, MD

Organ Transplant

  • Ross M. Bremner, MD (employed)
  • Jeffrey A. Brink, MD
  • James L. Cashman, MD
  • Alfredo J. Fabrega, MD
  • *Lawrence J. Koep, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

  • *David A. Camarata, MD
  • David M. Ott, MD

Orthopedic Surgery of the Spine

  • Dennis G. Crandall, MD
  • Edward J. Dohring, MD
  • Edward W. Song, MD
  • William R. Stevens, MD

Otolaryngology (ENT)

  • John Milligan, MD
  • Scott Schraff, MD

Pain Management

  • Daniel S. Choi, MD
  • Joseph D. Curletta, MD
  • Ashu K. Goyle, DO
  • *Mark C. Spiro, MD

Pediatric Neurology

  • Kara S. Lewis, MD
  • Matthew Troester, DO


  • Richard J. Leonard, MD
  • David R. Lersch, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • *Christina M. Kwasnica, MD

Plastic Surgery – Body

  • *Anthony Admire, MD
  • Bryan W. Gawley, MD
  • William M. Jacobsen, MD
  • Ali M. Mosharrafa, MD
  • Tamir M. Mosharrafa, MD
  • Vasif N. Sabeeh, DO
  • Davinder J. Singh, MD

Plastic Surgery – Face

  • Stephen P. Beals, MD
  • Jack A. Friedland, MD
  • Ali M. Mosharrafa, MD
  • Vasif N. Sabeeh, DO
  • *Davinder J. Singh, MD


  • Jason P. Caplan, MD (employed)
  • Lance F. Rouse, MD (employed)

Pulmonary Disease

  • Paul J. Conomos, MD
  • Jeremy P. Feldman, MD
  • A. Judson Tillinghast, MD

Radiation Oncology

  • Christopher A. Biggs, MD
  • John J. Kresl, MD
  • Gerald L. Lucas, MD
  • *Coral A. Quiet, MD


  • Joy Schechtman, DO

Sleep Medicine

  • Robert A. Kearl, MD
  • Matthew Troester, DO

Sports Medicine

  • Roger L. McCoy (employed)

Thoracic Disease

  • *Ross M. Bremner, MD (employed)
  • Elbert Yeung-Wei Kuo, MD (employed) 
  • Michael A. Smith, MD (employed)
  • R. Jay Standerfer, MD


  • *C. Gilberto Brito, MD

Vascular Surgery

  • *Jeromy S. Brink, MD
  • Douglas J. Carlon, MD
  • Brett I. Siegrist, MD

*Indicates highest ranked doctor in their field

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Monday, April 07, 2014

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