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DNA Diagnostics Laboratory

The DNA Diagnostics Laboratories are CLIA’88 licensed and College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited clinical laboratories performing state-of-the-art testing in cytogenetics, molecular genetics (both single-gene and genomics) and infectious disease. The laboratories are committed to excellence in technical quality and turnaround time. Our clients enjoy direct access to our technical staff and directors.

About the DNA Diagnostics Laboratory

The DNA Diagnostics Laboratories at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center are…

A Dependable Resource
The DNA Diagnostics Laboratories have established a reputation as a valuable local resource for specialized testing.

A Service Committed to Quality
In maintaining our excellence as a CAP accredited program, the DNA Diagnostics Laboratories have demonstrated consistent proficiency in cytogenetics, molecular pathology.

Partner in Medical Management
The DNA Diagnostics Laboratories enhance the value of traditional clinical testing by integrating its capabilities with those of the St. Joseph’s Reference laboratory in our outreach programs in obstetrics, pediatrics, hematology/oncology, clinical genetics, and infectious disease.

A Program on the Leading Edge
The technological advances achieved from the sequencing of the human genome have ushered in the era of personalized medicine, accelerating the impact of genetics on the practice of medicine. Our laboratories are committed to being on the leading edge of these developments. Our technologies include the genomic approaches of analysis of copy number variation and gene expression utilizing microarrays and RQPCR for gene expression assays. While the labs have traditionally focused on clinical testing, we are looking to broaden our customer base through contract testing and applied research.

Research and Development

The DNA Diagnostics Department currently has ongoing research projects in gene expression profiling in glioblastoma, and melanoma, as well as methylome profiling in gliomas. In addition, projects in tracheo-esophogeal and breast cancers are currently being negotiated with research sponsors.

We currently collaborate with Castle Biosciences, Inc. and Assurance Biosciences, Inc.

Learn More about St. Joseph's DNA Diagnostics Laboratory

For more information, please call (602) 406-3104.