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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we do not have birthing tubs; however, we offer showers in every patient room for your labor comfort and convenience.

No. Each patient room can accommodate three individuals, which does not include you, the patient.

Yes, if you have a doula for support that individual will be counted as one of your three individuals.

As long as your baby is stable, delayed cord clamping can be used in most deliveries.

Yes, your children can stay with you while you contact another adult to come for them.

Due to COVID-19, there is a limit on the number visitors. Please visit our COVID-19 resource page to stay abreast of visitor restrictions. Under normal operations, children 18 and under can visit during regular visiting hours but are not allowed to stay overnight.

In most cases, your child can be in the room (a)fter the COVID-19 pandemic as long as there is someone to supervise them. Please discuss your situation with your charge nurse and attending physician.

Your visitors are encouraged to park in the 6th Avenue garage. This garage offers the most direct route to Labor and Delivery. Your coach should accompany you when arriving at the Mercy Lobby for check-in.

OB patients are encouraged to use the Mercy Lobby located on Thomas between 3rd and 5th Avenues; however, the Emergency Department is always an option which is located on 3rd Avenue and Earll Avenue.

Every patient is different, your stay will depend on your specific situation. Our average length of stay for a vaginal delivery is 1-2 days. The average length of stay for a cesarean is 2-4 days.

When in labor, visiting hours do not apply. Our visiting guidelines for that area are 3 persons at the bedside at any one time, making sure there is always enough room to move safely in the room and maintain patient privacy. When transferred to the Mother Baby unit, visiting hours are 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. On this unit, one person can be with you the entire time and the baby will be rooming in with you. We ask that all visitors are well. Currently, we have implemented temporary visitor restrictions due to the COVID-19, click here to learn more.

Not necessarily. Your midwife or doctor can discuss IV placement with you once admitted. Standards of care for some conditions or inductions of labor recommend IV access be present.

Not necessarily. Standards of care are to obtain a 20-minute tracing every hour, and to listen every 5 minutes when pushing. For more information, talk to your attending nurse.