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Receive Complete Care for an Eye Injury in Arizona

An eye injury can occur to any part of the structures around the eye, including the eyeball, eyelid, the skin, and the bone. While it is difficult to damage the eyeball, these injuries are very serious and should be treated immediately by a skilled eye doctor. 

If you or a loved one has experienced an eye injury in Arizona, call 9-1-1 or seek emergency medical attention at Dignity Health. If you need to go to the ER, use our InQuicker™ online tool to select your estimated hospital arrival time and wait at home until your time to be seen. Upon arrival and check-in, you will see a nurse who will assess your situation and determine the next appropriate level of care.


Eye Injury Symptoms

The symptoms of an eye injury can include:

  • Pain, redness, or swelling
  • Torn or cut eyelid
  • Foreign object in the eye or under the eyelid that will not flush out
  • Noticeable swelling of the eyelids and areas around the eye
  • Unusual shape or size of the pupil
  • Blood in the clear part of the eye
  • One eye sticking out farther than the other
  • Eyes that do not move together as they should
  • Changes in vision or other problems seeing

In some cases, eye injury symptoms may not appear right away. Seemingly mild eye injuries can hide a serious problem inside the eye. For a complete diagnosis, meet with a doctor at Dignity Health.


Eye Injury Causes

The most common causes of eye injuries include:

  • Scratches
  • Blunt trauma
  • Puncturing or sharp trauma
  • Chemical splashes
  • High-energy particle injuries
  • Thermal burns

Eye injuries are a preventable cause of blindness. Take necessary precautions to protect your eyes whenever possible.


Eye Injury Treatment at Dignity Health

At Dignity Health, our primary care doctors and emergency care teams collaborate with skilled ophthalmologists to provide proper diagnosis and treatment for all types of eye injuries. Treatment for an eye injury will depend on its location and severity. 

If you are able, meet with one of our ophthalmologists for evaluation and personalized treatment. For severe cases that require immediate attention, visit your nearest urgent care center.

Follow these tips in the event of an eye injury: 

  • Do not apply pressure to the eye
  • Do not touch or rub the eye
  • Do not apply ointment or other medication
  • Do not try to remove an object that is embedded in the eye
  • Do not flush the eye if the eyeball is punctured or cut (i)nstead, place something over the eye to protect it
  • Flush the eye for chemical exposures and small debris in the eye
  • Apply a cold compress, but not pressure, for a blow to the eye

You can take steps to prevent injuries to your eye by always wearing the right eyewear when participating in certain activities, such as yard work, construction and industrial work, sports, and carpentry. 

Dignity Health offers expert emergency services and can care for your eye injury in Arizona.