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Bone Density Screening

Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital offers advanced bone density screening through its Women’s Diagnostic Center, located adjacent to the main hospital, thanks to generous community donations through the Sequoia Hospital Foundation.

A baseline bone density screening is recommended for women over 55 and men younger than 70 if clinical risk factors are present; and women 65 and older and men 70 and older without clinical risk factors. 

The screening, which measures how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a segment of bone, safely and accurately measures density as a predictor for osteoporosis and future fracture risk. Measuring three key spots on the body—lower spine, thigh/hip, and forearm—the non-invasive screening takes approximately 20 minutes to perform, is painless, and offers extremely low radiation exposure.

Patients do not need to remove their clothes during the screening. Following the test, a radiologist will review the results and communicate with the patient and/or her or his doctor. 

Treating osteoporosis consists of stopping bone loss and rebuilding bone to prevent fractures. Proper diet, exercise and medications can help prevent further bone loss and reduce the risk of breaks. 

Patients interested in bone density screening require a referral from their primary care provider. For more information about the screening, please call the Sequoia Hospital Women’s Diagnostic Center at (650) 261-2300