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High-Quality Elbow Hyperextension Surgery

Elbow hyperextension is when the elbow joint bends backward beyond its normal limits. It can damage cartilage, ligaments, and other joint structures. Elbow hyperextension surgery stabilizes the elbow joint and repairs the damage.

Dignity Health surgeons understand how pain can affect every part of your life. If you’re living with elbow pain, talk to one of our surgeons to find out if elbow hyperextension surgery in the Bay Area can help reduce your pain and increase mobility. Find a Doctor with expertise in orthopedic conditions using our online tool.

When is Surgery Used to Treat Elbow Hyperextension?

Elbow hyperextension injuries can cause:

  • Deformity of the joint
  • Discoloration
  • Pain
  • Tingling or numbness below the joint
  • Weakness of the joint

Hyperextension injuries usually heal with compression, ice, rest, and by keeping the joint immobilized.

Elbow hyperextension surgery is used to restore joint stability, make repairs to the joint, and treat repeated hyperextension. Surgery is more likely to be recommended if an elbow fracture also occurred during hyperextension or if there is damage to the ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, or other tissues.

Some people are born with more looseness in their ligaments — the tissues that connect bones together at joints — than normal. Having relatively loose ligaments makes hyperextension injuries more likely.

Elbow Surgery for Hyperextension in the Bay Area

Elbow dislocation surgery takes place in a Dignity Health outpatient surgery center or hospital. Elbow arthroscopy — a minimally invasive procedure — is an option for some patients. Compared to a traditional open elbow surgery with a large incision, arthroscopy can offer a lower risk of complications and a faster recovery with less pain.

Recovering After Elbow Hyperextension Surgery

If you have an outpatient procedure for elbow hyperextension, you will go home the same day. Even after you’ve recovered, your doctor may recommend limitations on future activities.

Physical therapy can help prevent elbow hyperextension from returning, strengthen the joint, and speed your recovery. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about ways to prevent hyperextension injuries, such as wearing stabilizing devices. To request a doctor referral, call (888) 981-7501

Dignity Health surgeons offer traditional and minimally invasive elbow hyperextension surgery in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Redwood City.