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Art and Spirituality Center

A place for creativity. A place to heal.


Art and Spirituality Center

Through various programs, the Art and Spirituality Center offers patients, families, and community members opportunities to experience the healing benefits that may come from creative expression.

The Center

Located in the former chapel at Mercy Hospital Downtown, the Art and Spirituality Center is home to programs that support the idea that the process of experiencing art promotes the health and well-being of patients by aiding in their physical, mental, and emotional recovery, including relieving anxiety and decreasing the perception of pain. The Center is also a place for those who just want to come into a quiet and reflective space to read, pray or have a quiet conversation. The Art and Spirituality Center is open to patient family members, community members, and caregivers.

Art For Healing Program

Art for Healing provides opportunities for art-making, laughter, writing, music, and other creative experiences. It is our hope that each participant may become practiced in the skills of letting go, living in the moment, artful reflection, and relaxation.


All programs are led by experienced facilitators and they are for persons 18 years of age and older, unless otherwise noted, who are seeking a respite from stress or health care concerns.

Art Cart Program

Research shows that the arts can reduce patients’ need for pain medication and length of stay in the hospital.  Art Cart Volunteers take Art for Healing to the bedside for patients at Mercy and Memorial Hospitals. In an atmosphere where patients can feel out of control, the Art Cart offers a therapeutic and healing tool, reducing stress and loneliness and providing opportunities for self-expression.

Acoustic Remedies Program

Research has shown that live music has a way of enhancing one’s quality of life and can, in addition, promote recovery.  The goal of the Acoustic Remedies program is to introduce patients with a wide array of diagnoses to a non-invasive treatment option that promotes health and well-being.  The various elements of music including rhythm, melody, harmony, and tempo stimulate a cognitive and emotional response that helps to positively affect mood and results in improved healing.  Trained Music Specialists meet with patients individually and use planned, live music interventions to aid in our patient’s journey toward healing.

Threshold Choir Program

The Threshold Choir sings at the bedside to provide comfort for those who are facing death, grief or suffering. Patients, family members, or loved ones may request a small group of singers to offer songs of kindness at the bedside at Mercy and Memorial Hospitals.

Learn More

To view our current Art for Healing program calendar, please click the "Schedule of Events” button. Users may register for workshops online by clicking the “Login/Register" button.  You may also register by calling our Art Registration line at (661) 632-5747


Address: 2215 Truxtun Avenue, 93301


Office Hours: 8:00AM- 4:30PM, Monday-Friday


For more information about the Art and Spirituality Center and its programs, please call (661) 632-5357