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The Memorial Hospital Versant RN Residency Program enhances the skills and confidence of new nursing graduates, which leads to improved patient care and outcomes.

Versant is a nonprofit subsidiary of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, created to develop and integrate RN residency programs in pediatric and adult care facilities.

Hospitals that employ the Versant RN Residency Program have shown extraordinary results—including financial and clinical quality—and benefit through significant reduction in first and second-year new graduate turnover.

Why the Versant program?

The Versant New Graduate RN Residency program assists registered nurse graduates in transitioning from nursing school students to professional practitioners.The program is built on an evidence-based model consisting of clinical experience, classroom education, support, and mentoring. The comprehensive program enables Memorial Hospital to foster the transition from nursing student to professional RN in a supportive environment.

This highly successful one-year program includes:

One-to-One Preceptors
RN Residents will be assigned unit-based instructional RNs to help develop clinical knowledge and experience. When 100% of assigned competencies have been validated successfully, the individual is considered to be included in productive staffing. 

Caring, Committed Mentors
Each RN resident will be assigned an experienced RN to support and guide them during the residency period. This RN professional is not a preceptor or evaluator, simply a mentor who provides guidance, nurtures professional development, and encourages the learning process by enhancing the resident’s communication skills, confidence, and independence.

Classroom and Skills Lab Education
RN Residents will benefit from several hours of required lab and classroom education.

Self-Care Support Groups
RN Residents will participate in debriefing groups. Within these groups, RN residents learn self –care strategies designed to help them develop the necessary tools needed to deal with the stress of becoming a new RN.

Looping Rotation
During the RN Residency, residents become familiar with other units and areas related to their home unit for which they were hired.

Making Your Professional Goals Happen

This paid residency allows RN residents to learn in both classroom and clinical settings, working directly with experienced nurse preceptors in a hospital environment. 

Our nurses are a dedicated group of professionals who possess a personal sense of commitment and responsibility to providing care that facilitates health and healing. We embrace the concept that each patient and his or her family have a unique background and individual needs.

“Versant helped me become a better nurse. I learned so much about what to do and what not to do from my preceptors. I also learned not to be afraid to push myself to the next level. I know what they’re feeling and I always share my own early experiences with them. It’s important for new nurses to know that everyone is scared their first year. It’s never easy.”

Cambria Fowler, Nurse Manager, Family Care 

Upcoming Opportunities

We are now accepting applications for the March cohort of the Versant RN Residency program at Memorial Hospital.

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We host a cohort of the Versant RN Residency in March and August each year. Applications for the March cohort are available in September. Applications for the August cohort are available in February. 

To learn more about Versant RN New Graduate Residency opportunities and others at Memorial Hospital and to apply, visit the Dignity Health Careers portal.

Please carefully read the list of requirements that you will need to include with your online application. You will need to create an online application to apply to the RN Residency Program.