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Emergency Care for a Head Injury in Central California

A head injury describes any type of damage to the head, including the scalp, skull, and brain. They can be mild or severe, and may either be open or closed. Some of the most common types of head injuries include scrapes and cuts to the scalp, concussion, skull fracture, and brain hemorrhage.

You should see a doctor in the event of a head injury, as symptoms may not always be enough to determine the full extent of the damage. For a severe head injury, call 911. Emergency room doctors at Dignity Health Central California offer exceptional diagnosis and care.

For personalized treatment for a head injury in Central California, visit a hospital ER near you: 

If you prefer to wait at home until you are ready to be seen at the ER, use InQuicker, our online scheduling tool.


When to Go to the ER for Head Injury Symptoms

You should seek emergency medical attention for these symptoms of head injury:

  • Breathing problems
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Blurry vision
  • Serious wounds
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness or inability to move the arms or legs
  • Loss of consciousness, even for a short time
  • Blood or clear fluid coming out of the mouth, ear, or nose
  • Severe headache or stiff neck
  • Unequal pupils
  • Sudden vision problems, such as double vision or decreased vision
  • Extreme sleepiness
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Seizures

External head injuries may cause bleeding and swelling, while internal injuries to the head may include amnesia, confusion, and changes in mental functioning. 

Additional symptoms of an internal head injury are:

  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Personality changes


Trusted Head Injury Treatment at Dignity Health Central California

Treatment depends on the location and severity of the injury. In the event of a serious head injury, call 911 and follow these steps:

  • Put pressure on a head wound if the skull is not fractured.
  • Do not remove any object that is lodged in the wound or head.
  • Do not move the person unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Do not pick up a child who has had a head injury. Help them to lay still.
  • Do not remove a helmet.
  • Do not attempt to rinse or clean the wound — apply a sterile bandage instead.
  • Monitor breathing and pulse.
  • Start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if necessary and continue until help arrives.

Emergency providers at Dignity Health Central California can treat head injuries with noninvasive therapies and minimally invasive procedures. Trust us for expert, personal care, even in emergency situations. 

Dignity Health Central California offers comprehensive emergency services for head injury symptoms in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.