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Personal Care for Multiple Sclerosis in Central California

A type of movement disorder, multiple sclerosis, commonly known as MS, is a disease that affects the nerves in the brain and spine. 

Neurologists at Dignity Health Central California provide comprehensive care to diagnose, treat, and manage a wide range of neurological conditions. If you would like to see a specialist about MS in Central California, use our online search tool and Find a Doctor today.


What is Multiple Sclerosis?

MS is a progressive disease of the nerves. Over time, MS damages the myelin layer (protective covering) around the brain and spinal nerves. Gradually, this damage interrupts the signals of the nervous system, reducing neurological function. Signs and symptoms of MS vary, but generally include weakness in muscles, reduced coordination, and problems with memory and thinking.


Multiple Sclerosis Causes

Researchers don’t yet fully understand the causes of MS, however, they do know the immune system plays a role. In MS, the immune system attacks the protective coating (myelin sheath) that surrounds and insulates the nerves. As the effects of MS continue, the nerves gradually lose the ability to send or receive impulses. The result is neurological symptoms, such as difficulty walking.

The risk of developing MS is higher for those who have a relative with the disorder (genetics), along with environmental factors and exposure to certain infections. However, MS can occur in anyone, no matter their gender or ethnicity.


Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis at Dignity Health Central California

To diagnose MS, our doctors may perform one or more tests, including: 

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, the next step is to decide what type of treatment would best address the symptoms of MS. This may include medication, occupational and physical rehabilitation, and care from other specialists. 

If you’d like to meet with a neurologist near you, Dignity Health Southern California offers neurology services at these locations: 

At Dignity Health Central California, the goal of MS treatment is to stop the disease from getting worse, help manage the symptoms, and improve day-to-day life. Our neurologists work closely with neuropsychologists, occupational and physical therapists, and mental health providers to extend treatment and therapies for MS. Talk to one of our experts today.

Expertise for multiple sclerosis in Bakersfield, and Stockton, CA, is offered at Dignity Health Central California hospitals.

Personal Care for Multiple Sclerosis in Central California