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Breaking Free of Middle Back Pain in Central California

Middle back pain can make movement uncomfortable and interfere with your daily activities. At Dignity Health Central California, our award-winning orthopedic specialists can help relieve your back discomfort with personalized care and humankindness.

Our comprehensive orthopedic team can diagnose and treat middle back pain treatment in Central California, using the latest methods and medical equipment. Our philosophy of care, dignity, and respect will get you back to pain-free living and help restore your well-being.

To help ease your middle back pain, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health Central California.


Healing Middle Back Pain Symptoms at Dignity Health Central California

If you have mild or intense discomfort between your upper and lower back, middle back pain can affect all of your daily activities. Your doctor will diagnose the reason for your middle back pain. These may involve sprains and strains from a variety of activities. 

Middle back pain can be caused by the following orthopedic conditions or medical issues:

A Dignity Health Central California doctor will talk to you to determine if your middle back pain will likely go away on its own or need more treatment. Your health care providers are with you every step of the way as you heal.


Middle Back Pain Relief

Your medical history and risk factors will help your doctor decide which middle back pain treatment options are right for you.

For severe or persistent middle back pain, a back brace, physical therapy, or stronger pain relievers can help you regain movement and reduce pain. If other treatments do not help improve middle back pain symptoms, surgery is an option, especially if you have an underlying spine condition.

To determine the cause of your middle back discomfort and the best treatment for you, meet with an expert at Dignity Health Central California.

Dignity Health trusted orthopedic doctors offer effective treatment for middle back pain in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.