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Healing with Humankindness with Physical Therapy in Central California

An important part of your healing process from many orthopedic conditions involves physical therapy (PT). This hands-on approach to care helps improve movement, strength, and flexibility following orthopedic surgery and procedures.

Whether you are recovering from a shoulder condition or hip replacement, your orthopedic doctor at Dignity Health Central California will recommend physical therapy for the healing of your mind, body, and spirit. Find a Doctor for personal care during recovery with physical therapy in Central California.


Expert PT at Dignity Health Central California

Physical therapy exercises help you heal, relieve pain, improve movement, prevent disability, and promote your healing. Techniques used by our trusted health care providers also can help you avoid surgery or prescription pain medications. 

From headaches to arthritis, physical therapy gets you on the path to healing for a range of conditions, including:

At Dignity Health Central California, your physical therapist bases treatment on a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect. Your personalized physical therapy routine will help you heal so that you can live life to its fullest.


Physical Therapy for Complete Healing

What does physical therapy do? Physical therapy involves moving and strengthening your body, so you can perform at your very best without pain. Your physical therapist will talk to you about your condition, symptoms, and medical history, as well as test and measure your physical movements.

Your care plan is designed specifically for you and your healing. Types of physical therapy include:

  • Range of motion exercises to relieve pain and muscle stiffness
  • Treadmill and gait training for better balance, coordination, and stability
  • Hands-on therapy, including massage
  • Chest physiotherapy, including coughing, deep breathing, and hands-on pressure to clear your airways
  • Education on techniques and exercises that you can do at home
  • Electrical stimulation, including transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), therapeutic ultrasound, and hot and cold therapy to help your pain, circulation, and healing

Talk to your doctor about your goals and how physical therapy can help your well-being. We can help you find the right physical therapist for you.

Dignity Health Central California provides healing with humankindness for a range of conditions using physical therapy in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.

Healing with Humankindness with Physical Therapy in Central California