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Restore Your Health with Rehabilitation Therapy after Trauma in Central California

Trauma rehabilitation helps restore you or a loved one’s abilities after a major trauma or serious injury. Depending on the type of traumatic event, rehabilitation services guide you as you relearn speaking, moving, walking, and day-to-day activities. 

At Dignity Health Central California, our rehabilitation centers offer an environment solely focused on the healing of your mind, body, and spirit. Find a Doctor today to begin your healing journey with rehabilitation therapy in Central California.


Trusted Rehabilitation Therapy at Dignity Health Central California

Your rehab usually starts in the hospital following a trauma. Rehabilitation services continue after you leave the hospital at home or at a rehabilitation center or hospital. To help you heal, your family will play an important role in your recovery.

The types of trauma that may require rehabilitation therapy include:

In addition to traumatic orthopedic injuries, rehab helps with recovery from severe burns and penetrating trauma, such as stab or gunshot wounds. 

As every person is unique, so, too, is your rehabilitation after trauma. Our compassionate rehab team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and social workers all provide care, dignity, and respect as you heal.


Rehabilitation Services for Your Healing

Your rehabilitation after trauma is based on a personal treatment plan that is right for you. Our trauma rehabilitation centers in Central California offer the following services:

  • Occupational therapy to help you relearn daily activities, control of your hands and arms, and using a wheelchair and other equipment for your independence
  • Physical therapy, including massage, water therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and exercises for strength, movement, and fitness
  • Hand therapy, including range of motion, strengthening, splinting, and feeling different sensations
  • Equipment and devices, including braces, shoe inserts, wheelchairs, and artificial limbs (prostheses)
  • Vocational rehabilitation, including career counseling, psychological assessments, and properly outfitting your workplace
  • Psychological and social services, including peer counseling, biofeedback, going back to school or work, and therapy for you and your family
  • Speech therapy to work on swallowing and communication therapy for speaking, thinking, memory, writing, and reading

Your personalized rehabilitation therapy is solely focused on restoring your health and well-being so you can live life to its fullest. For trusted rehabilitation after trauma, rely on the experts at Dignity Health Central California hospitals.

Dignity Health Central California offers care with humankindness with rehabilitation after trauma in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA