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Finding Relief for Elbow Bursitis in Central California

Having trouble moving your elbow because of stiffness or swelling? Do you have elbow pain, along with tenderness and redness? If you experience these symptoms, you may have elbow bursitis.

At Dignity Health Central California, our orthopedic doctors will diagnose your elbow bursitis cause and develop an effective treatment plan. Our philosophy of care, dignity, and respect are always a part of the recovery process.

Get back to the sports and activities you love in life. Find a Doctor to start your elbow bursitis recovery in Central California.


Determining Elbow Bursitis Causes at Dignity Health Central California

Elbow bursitis is an orthopedic condition that occurs from an inflammation of fluid-filled sacs, called “bursae,” at the tip of your elbow. A bursa cushions your elbow so ligaments, muscles, and tendons can move over your bone.

Repeating certain motions or overusing your elbow may cause elbow bursitis. Your Dignity Health Central California doctor also will rule out other reasons for this painful condition. Infection, injury, or inflammatory condition, such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis, can lead to elbow bursitis.

Elbow bursitis symptoms can happen suddenly and then go away or last for several weeks. Our doctors will focus on your healing and well-being in creating a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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Get Relief with Elbow Bursitis Treatments

Your doctor will learn more about your discomfort and take several factors into account before developing your personalized treatment plan. Common elbow bursitis treatments include resting the joint and taking anti-inflammatory medicines. Your doctor also may suggest corticosteroid shots into the elbow.

Physical therapy with range-of-motion exercises also promotes healing and keeps elbow bursitis from occurring again. Your doctor may recommend surgery, but this is rarely recommended. For infectious bursitis, your doctor may surgically drain the infected bursae and prescribe antibiotics.

Schedule an appointment with a Dignity Health Central California doctor to discuss your elbow condition and receive personalized treatment.

Dignity Health Central California offers a range of orthopedic services, including treatment for elbow bursitis, in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.