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Quality Elbow Hyperextension Treatment in Central California

Your elbow joint has a normal range of motion that helps you perform your daily activities. If the joint is overextended or bends backwards, you may experience an elbow hyperextension injury.

Pain, swelling, and discoloration are among the first signs of elbow hyperextension. Dignity Health Central California orthopedic doctors can determine if your elbow injury is severe enough for elbow hyperextension surgery.

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End Pain with Elbow Surgery for Hyperextension

For most cases of elbow hyperextension, your doctor will recommend treatment at home that includes rest, compression, and ice. You also may have to keep your elbow from moving while you recover.

If you have a severe injury, you may have significant pain. Tingling, numbness, or even deformity of the joint can also occur. In this case, your doctor may recommend elbow surgery for hyperextension. 

Our comprehensive orthopedic team can repair your elbow injury and restore joint stability. Elbow hyperextension surgery is especially helpful if your injury includes bone fractures, damage to ligaments or other tissue damage, or damage to nerves and blood vessels. Surgery also promotes healing if you have repeated hyperextension injuries.


Your Hyperextension Surgery at Dignity Health Central California

Much like other types of elbow surgeries, elbow hyperextension surgery may require a stay at one of our Dignity Health Central California hospitals.

Wearing a splint will help your elbow heal following surgery. Physical therapy will strengthen your joint and help you regain movement. Full elbow hyperextension recovery time may take several weeks. Complete healing of your elbow and the ability to return to all of your activities may require months. 

Find out if elbow surgery for hyperextension is right for you. Meet with a Dignity Health Central California orthopedic expert.

Dignity Health Central California orthopedic doctors offer healing and recovery with elbow hyperextension treatment in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.