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Hope & Healing with Partial Knee Replacement in Central California

Does your knee hurt and doesn’t move the way it used to when participating in daily activities? If a specific part of your knee is causing you pain, partial knee replacement can help get you back moving freely.

An alternative to total knee replacement, partial knee replacement surgery removes only the damaged area of your knee. At Dignity Health Central California, our award-winning surgeons offer healing from a variety of knee conditions and injuries using this technique.

Find a Doctor who provides care with humankindness if you are considering partial knee replacement in Central California.


Expert Partial Knee Replacement Surgery at Dignity Health Central California

Your knee is made of three sections located on the inner and outer sides of your knee and another behind your kneecap. If you doctor has determined that only one part is damaged or diseased, a partial knee replacement may be right for you.

You may enjoy pain-free movement with this type of knee replacement if you have knee arthritis (osteoarthritis) and the following:

  • Healthy ligaments, which hold your knee joint together
  • Knee pain only on the inner side or outer side of your knee
  • Advanced osteoarthritis in one section of your knee
  • No substantial knee stiffness
  • No healing or improvement with physical therapy, joint injections, anti-inflammatory medications, or less serious surgery 

Your health and well-being is the focus of our orthopedic doctors and nurses. Find out more about your knee condition with Dignity Health Central California’s online joint assessment.


Partial Knee Replacement Recovery with Humankindness

During your procedure, your orthopedic surgeon will remove the damaged part of your knee and replace it with a plastic or metal part. You may go home the same day or spend a few days at one of our hospitals. Your health care providers follow a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect as you heal.

You can expect to recover fairly quickly compared to total knee replacement. Right after surgery, you will walk with a walker, crutches, or cane. Physical therapy will help you strengthen your knee and improve motion.

Partial knee replacement problems may include continued pain or osteoarthritis in another section of your knee. If either of these occur, your doctor may discuss the need for total knee replacement.

To see if partial knee replacement will help your pain, talk to one of our orthopedic specialists today.

Dignity Health Central California’s comprehensive orthopedics team provides a range of knee surgeries, including partial knee replacement, in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.