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Diagnosing Your Pain with Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery in Central California

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery can both diagnose and treat your shoulder condition at the very same time. Our comprehensive orthopedics team uses this minimally invasive technique to effectively care for a number of shoulder diseases and injuries.

Find a Doctor at Dignity Health Central California who specializes in shoulder surgery with a personal philosophy of care, dignity, and respect. If you are not able to participate in your daily activities or sports, you may benefit from arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Central California. 


When You Need Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery at Dignity Health Central California

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery allows your doctor to diagnose and repair your shoulder condition at the same time during a minimally invasive procedure. The treatment can help relieve shoulder pain.

During your procedure, your orthopedic surgeon will place an arthroscope — a tube-like instrument with a tiny camera — through a small incision in your shoulder. This allows your doctor to look at images of your shoulder. If repairs are needed, small surgical tools are inserted through a few more small incisions. After surgery, you will have only small arthroscopic shoulder surgery scars, which heal over time.

Your doctor may recommend this surgery if other treatments have not helped your shoulder pain and you have swelling, stiffness, a hard time moving your arm and shoulder, or feel that your shoulder catches or locks.

Other reasons for arthroscopic shoulder surgery include:

  • Frozen shoulder, the swelling of strong connective tissues around your joint
  • Torn rotator cuff, affecting a group of tendons and muscles around the top of your shoulder
  • Frequent dislocations and instability
  • Bone spurs from arthritis
  • Inflammation from arthritis or overusing your shoulder
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome, causing the bone at the top of your shoulder to rub against the tendon
  • Loose pieces of cartilage 


Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Rehab

You most likely will go home the same day as your surgery. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery rehab involves physical therapy for strength and flexibility. Before you know it, you’ll be back doing all your favorite activities without pain.

To diagnose and treat your shoulder condition, visit Dignity Health Central California and talk with an expert.

Dignity Health Central California orthopedic services uses the latest minimally invasive techniques, including arthroscopic shoulder surgery, in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.