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Begin Healing with Carpal Tunnel Release in Central California

Wrist pain, tingling, and numbness may prompt you to seek wrist treatment. Carpal tunnel syndrome is among the more common wrist conditions, causing the tissues to swell and squeeze the nerve that runs through your wrist.

During carpal tunnel release surgery, a trusted Dignity Health Central California orthopedic surgeon cuts a part of the carpal ligament in your wrist to relieve pressure on your nerve. The result is relief from pain and discomfort.

Find a Doctor to discuss carpal tunnel release surgery in Central California. Our doctors focus on your healing, as well as your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Effective Carpal Tunnel Surgery at Dignity Health Central California

If other treatments, such as physical therapy or a splint, have failed to provide relief, your doctor may recommend carpal tunnel release. This is especially true if your symptoms have lasted for more than six months.

Together, you and your surgeon will discuss your treatment goals. You may have the option of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. This approach offers a faster recovery and less pain than traditional, open surgery.

Carpal tunnel release recovery usually requires you to wear a brace for a few weeks to limit movement while you heal. Physical therapy also can help restore wrist and hand movement without tingling and pain.

You can expect your carpal tunnel release recovery time to range from two months to a year. Soon after surgery, however, you can return to work, household chores, and daily activities. To prevent future wrist problems, consider changing the way you use your hands and wrists.

Take our online assessment to learn more about your wrist pain, then talk to one of our experts to see if carpal tunnel release is right for you.

Dignity Health Central California provides trusted, personalized care with carpal tunnel surgery in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.