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Palliative Care

Our palliative care provides comfort through aggressive pain and symptom management, offers emotional and spiritual support, and attends to the best possible quality of life for patients and their families.

Improving The Quality Of Life

Palliative care is the special care provided to patients and their families who are dealing with a serious illness. Nurses, doctors, social workers, and chaplains work together to decrease the physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering as associated with life-limiting illness. Our approach is used whether the goal of care is to cure or control the illness. Palliative care is also offered to patients at the end-of-life.

Our palliative care program also includes symptom management for patients with serious illnesses. The palliative care team provides emotional and spiritual support for the patient and family and acts as a liaison to ensure that the patient's wishes for end-of-life care are met.

Comfort Cart

To increase quality of care and family participation when a loved one is in the end stage of their illness, Arroyo Grande Community Hospital has also generously donated a "Comfort Cart" for end-of-life Palliative care patients. The "Comfort Cart" is a mobile cabinet that provides families with books and spiritual items such as a Bible, Torah or Koran. The "comfort cart" also has a TV, VCR, and CD player so families can bring in home videos or play soft music for their loved ones. The cart contains snacks and prepackaged "comfort" bundles containing lip balm, massage lotion and mouth care products. Family members will also have access to a lounge chair that makes into a bed, rocker/recliner, table lamp, and small refrigerator for their convenience.

Learn More About Our Palliative Care

For additional information about our services please call (805) 489-4261, ext. 4129.