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Dedicated to Your Care

Embracing the spiritual dimension of life as a key ingredient of your health and well-being

Spiritual/Pastoral Care

We are dedicated to providing spiritual care services to you and your loved ones.

Feeding Your Spirit Is As Vital As Feeding Your Body

Spirituality can be a valuable resource in times of crisis, helping you adjust to life transitions and cope with illness, trauma, and loss.  Our spiritual care team is specifically trained to provide holistic spiritual care to persons of all religious faiths, including those without any religious affiliation.  

Please be sure to visit our other two sources of helpful information:

Sacred Spaces

Spiritual Care Resources

When To Call Upon A Chaplain For Support

Chaplains care for the spiritual needs of patients, families, and staff, regardless of the individual's faith or spiritual background.  Our professionally trained chaplains are available for emotional and spiritual support as people navigate the challenges of illness, trauma, and loss. Please contact the spiritual care department if you or someone close to you needs assistance with: 

  • Arranging a ritual, sacrament, or obtaining a sacred text from your tradition
  • Contacting a faith leader or spiritual support person
  • Coping with "why" questions
  • Discussing ethical, spiritual or cultural questions regarding a procedure or treatment
  • Grief
  • Prayer
  • Processing frustration with the disease process
  • Receiving a blessing for a newborn
  • Relationship reconciliation
  • Talking about a change in their condition

Can anyone see a Chaplain?

Yes. Chaplains are here to help meet the needs of all patients. While Dignity Health employees chaplains from a range of denominations and religious traditions, the spiritual care department works closely with local groups and faith community leaders to support all faiths We support healing of the body, mind and spirit regardless of religious beliefs or values.

Is there a cost to see a Chaplain?

No. Spiritual care services are always provided at no cost.

How are meetings arranged?

To arrange a meeting with a staff chaplain you may make the request through your nurse or any staff member. Chaplains also make routine visits to patients and families in the hospital.

Is there grief support available for me or my loved ones after we leave the hospital?

Yes, we have a bereavement follow up program. Dignity Health Hospice also has a full-time bilingual bereavement counselor and offers support groups throughout the Central Coast region. Check our spiritual care resources page for additional resources.

Request A Visit From A Spiritual Care Representative

To arrange a meeting with a staff chaplain, you may make the request through your nurse or any staff member.  To request a visit by phone, please call (805) 739-3131.