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Affordable Care Act

Health care has experienced its biggest reform of U.S. health care since Medicare and Medicaid were launched nearly 50 years ago. At Dignity Health, we have been advocating for meaningful reform since our founding. The road to coverage can sometimes be bumpy but Mercy Mt. Shasta is here to help.

At Dignity Health we are working to ensure that our patients learn about their eligibility options through the exchanges and which plans will give them access to Dignity Health facilities and our physicians. A website has been established to help our patients learn if they are now eligible for subsidized care through the exchanges or for Medicaid. The site includes links to tools and resources to educate patients and help them enroll for health care coverage.

What Insurance Means For You

Open enrollment is only available at certain times of the year. However, there are special circumstances that allow for enrollment anytime. Loss of previous health insurance is one. Visit Cover California for more information.

You can also apply for Medi-Cal throughout the year.

Learn More About The Affordable Care Act

For information on how to sign up for coverage, call (855) 233-0688.  To find a doctor, call (866) 473-6687 or use our online Find a Doctor search tool.