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Advanced Mitral Valve Repair in Northern California

Mitral valve repair is a surgical procedure to correct problems with the mitral valve without replacing it. The mitral valve controls blood flow between the two left chambers of your heart. The normal flow of blood can be disrupted by mitral valve disease such as mitral valve stenosis and mitral valve prolapse.

Your doctor may recommend mitral valve repair if the damage to your mitral valve is not severe.

Our heart experts at Dignity Health North State aim to treat the whole person, not just the condition. Find a Doctor today to discuss your symptoms and learn if mitral valve repair in Northern California can help you.


Types of Mitral Valve Repair at Dignity Health North State

Mitral valve repair surgery is minimally invasive and typically involves a shorter recovery time and less risk of complications than traditional open heart surgery. The most common types of mitral valve repair surgery are:

  • Ring annuloplasty. An annuloplasty ring (device made from sturdy fabric) is stitched around the edge of the mitral valve to provide support.
  • Valve repair. The mitral valve is accessed through small incisions in the chest and valve leaflets (tissue flaps) are re-shaped to work better.
  • Balloon valvuloplasty. This procedure is used to improve blood flow and involves a balloon attached to a long, thin tube (catheter). The catheter is guided to the mitral valve and the balloon is inflated to stretch the diameter of the mitral valve.


What to Expect from Your Recovery

Your mitral valve repair surgery will take place in a hospital under general anesthesia (you will be unconscious). The expected recovery time for these procedures varies from a few days to a week (compared with up to 12 weeks for open heart surgery).

Your heart care team will provide detailed instructions for incision care, prescribed medications, and a safe level of physical activity before you leave the hospital. You will also be asked to return to your doctor for a follow-up appointment.

Contact your doctor if you experience unusual symptoms or have any concerns.

Dignity Health North State provides innovative and life-extending cardiovascular therapies, including mitral valve repair, in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.