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Advanced Cardiovascular Disease Treatments in Northern California

There are many treatments that can help restore your heart’s function and alleviate your symptoms if you are experiencing heart trouble. At Dignity Health North State, our doctors use a wide range of cardiovascular procedures — such as minimally invasive therapies and open heart surgery — to diagnose and treat heart and blood vessel conditions.

Dignity Health North State provides advanced diagnostic procedures and treatment protocols, including cardiovascular treatments, in Northern California. Find a Doctor today and have a conversation about your heart health.


Cardiovascular Treatments at Dignity Health North State

Our doctors administer cardiovascular treatments to improve your quality of life, reduce your symptoms, and manage a wide range of worrisome heart conditions. Some common cardiovascular procedures include:

  • 3-D mapping — used to pinpoint the source of an abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmia) by tracking your heart’s electrical activity
  • Ablation — selectively destroys arrhythmia-causing cells in your heart
  • Angioplasty — clears blockages and improves blood flow by inflating a tiny balloon inside coronary arteries
  • Cardiac catheterization — allows doctors to inspect your arteries for signs of blockage
  • Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery — replaces the blocked portion of a coronary artery with a healthy artery taken from your leg or arm
  • Endovascular stent — a small tube inserted into a blocked coronary artery to hold it open and increase blood flow to your heart
  • Heart transplant — replaces a diseased heart with a healthy organ from a donor
  • Left ventricular assist device (LVAD) — an implanted mechanical device that helps a weakened heart pump blood better
  • Open heart surgery — any surgical procedure in which the heart is exposed and accessed through a large incision in the chest
  • Pacemaker — an implanted medical device that helps your heart maintain a normal rhythm
  • Thrombolysis — procedure using “clot-busting” medication to dissolve blood clots

What You Can Expect from Treatment

Most cardiovascular procedures are performed in a hospital. Your Dignity Health North State doctor will discuss with you the risks, benefits, and likely outcomes of your recommended treatments.

Depending on your procedure, you may receive either light sedation or a general anesthetic (to put you to sleep). With a minimally invasive treatment, you may be allowed to return home soon after your procedure. Major heart surgery, however, requires a multiple-day stay in a special cardiac intensive care unit.

Recovering from Cardiovascular Treatment

Your heart care team will provide you with specific take-home instructions and guidelines regarding your recovery. Be sure to discuss post-procedure limitations with your doctor before your procedure. This will help you plan ahead if taking time off of work is necessary. They may also suggest a cardiac rehabilitation program

As your heart recovers and begins to function better after successful treatment, you may gradually start to feel more energetic.

Our goal at Dignity Health North State is to provide high quality care with respect and compassion for our patients. Learn more about our heart care services  in Northern California.

Dignity Health North State is proud to offer unparalleled heart care, including advanced cardiovascular treatments, in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA. Find a Doctor today.