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Trusted Emergency Surgery in Northern California

After a traumatic injury, you could need emergency surgery to save your life. Emergency surgery can also alleviate severe pain. Your emergency doctor may recommend an immediate medical operation to treat a life-threatening condition.

With top-notch medical equipment and specially trained on-call surgeons, our emergency departments are a leading provider of emergency surgery in Northern California. For emergency medical treatment, use our online waiting tool InQuicker to schedule an estimated arrival time to one of our emergency departments.


Why You May Need ER Surgery

There are a number of reasons why you may need emergency surgery. Your emergency doctor will examine results from imaging tests and physical exams to decide if immediate surgery is best for you. Sometimes an emergency operation is needed to preserve a part of your body, such as your heart or a limb. 

Depending on your symptoms and test results, we are equipped to perform surgery for common trauma-related conditions, including: 


What to Expect: Trauma Surgery at Dignity Health North State

Finding out that you need emergency surgery may be alarming. Before your operation, the attending doctor will make sure you’re prepared and are a healthy candidate for the surgery. Generally, this includes undergoing blood tests and radiology exams to ensure the benefits of surgery will outweigh the risks. Your doctor will you inform and anyone who came with you about the procedure. 

After surgery, you will receive thorough postoperative instructions and resources to help you recover.

At Dignity Health North State, we’re committed to healing and saving lives. Visit our fully-equipped trauma centers for expert emergency care. 

Emergency services at Dignity Health North State provide emergency surgery in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA