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State-of-the-Art Elbow Bursitis Surgery in Northern California

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The symptoms of persistent bursitis include joint swelling, tenderness, pain, warmth, and stiffness. Elbow surgery for bursitis helps relieve these symptoms by removing the olecranon bursa in the elbow.

The orthopedic team at Dignity Health North State can help get you back to moving pain-free. We provide personalized treatment plans for elbow bursitis, including surgery for elbow bursitis in Northern California. Find a Doctor near you to see if this surgery is right for you.

When is Surgery Necessary for Bursitis?

Elbow bursitis surgery is used to treat bursitis caused by infection if less invasive treatments, such as antibiotic treatment and removing fluid from the bursa, haven’t helped. Surgery is rarely used for noninfectious bursitis.

What to Expect During Elbow Bursitis Surgery at Dignity Health North State

Surgery for elbow bursitis is usually a short procedure that requires general anesthesia. If your bursitis is infectious, you may be required to stay overnight in the hospital to receive IV (intravenous) antibiotics to cure the infection. You may also need to take oral antibiotics for a period of time. For non-infections bursitis surgery, you will go home the same day.

Recovery After Elbow Surgery for Bursitis

Your doctor may recommend padding your elbow for several months to help avoid injury while you heal. They may also immobilize the joint with a splint or brace. 

Recovery after elbow surgery for bursitis is generally short because it does not involve other joint structures, such as muscles and ligaments. Full use of the elbow typically returns in the month following surgery. Although you probably will not notice it’s gone after surgery, the olecranon bursa will usually regrow within the next several months.

The doctors at Dignity Health North State will help you recover after surgery for infectious or noninfectious elbow bursitis. Our goal is to get you back to enjoying your favorite activities with a pain-free elbow.

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Dignity Health North State offers a range of orthopedic procedures, including elbow surgery for bursitis, in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.