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Humankindness is contagious! See how some of our Dignity Health Southern California hospital employees as well as members of our communities are spreading the joy.

Humankindness. It's Contagious.

Dignity Health Southern California Hospitals Provide More Than $222 Million in Patient Financial Assistance and Community Benefit Programs
Serving the community is one of our highest priorities. Dignity Health Southern California’s six hospitals annually report on community health programs, including the health needs being addressed, programs and measurable objectives, and the economic value of our community benefit across Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. In fiscal year 2019, our six Southern California hospitals provided $222,071,918 in patient financial assistance, unreimbursed costs of Medicaid, community health improvement services and other community benefits. The following is a hospital-by-hospital breakdown:

  • California Hospital Medical Center: $40,592,270
  • Community Hospital of San Bernardino: $10,570,230
  • Glendale Memorial Hospital & Health Center:  $21,601,060
  • Northridge Hospital Medical Center: $47,341,998
  • St. Bernardine Medical Center: $48,821,249
  • St. Mary Medical Center: $53,145,111 

Providing Clothing for homeless Patients at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center.
Tajh Shuff, mental health worker (GMH Behavioral Health Unit) and Miguel Lazo, mental health worker (GMH Behavioral Health Unit) share how they donate their gently used clothes to our indigent/homeless patients.  When asked what motivated them, Tajh and Miguel believe that preserving our patients’ dignity should always be a priority. To them, every patient is a human being and deserves to have a full set of clothes when leaving our hospital. Thank you both for showing us how we each hold the power to heal!  

Giving up a parking spot to make daily visits easier for a patient's spouse at Community Hospital of San Bernardino.
Patty Womack, Director of Pharmacy at Dignity Health Community Hospital of San Bernardino shares her story of humankindness about a frequent visitor at the hospital.  Mr. Arreola comes to the hospital 2 times a day and Patty decided it would be great if she gave her parking space that is right in front of the hospital to him.

Meet the founder of the Burbank Bike Angeles.
Elaine Pease is the founder of the Burbank Bike Angels. The Burbank Bike Angels is composed of volunteers who collect and restore used bikes, then distribute to those less fortunate children within the community.

A 13-year old collects toys and games for the children at Northridge Hospital Medical Center.
Adam Jacobson is a 13 year old boy from Northridge who was tasked with a service project for his bar mitzvah. Adam collected over 200 toys and games and delivered them to children at Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

Officer John Baggs helped repair a car for the mother of a soldier killed in action.
Officer John Baggs from the Huntington Beach Police Department along with many volunteers were able to repair the vehicle of Candida Torre, mother of SPC Jose A. Torre, Jr. solider who was killed in action in Iraq.  Officer John Baggs came across this terrible accident and decided to take matters into his own hands and help Candida repair the car that once belonged to her son, SPC Jose A. Torre, Jr.

Dr. Mukherjee treats the whole patient at St. Bernardine Medical Center.

Dr. Mukherjee’s, Director of the Inland Heart and Vascular Institute at Dignity Health shares that he loves saving lives and helping other human beings. Humankindness to him means treating the whole human being, body and soul. He encouraged and helped patient, Maureen Baccari who was in a desperate need of a new heart.

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