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Angina Treatment & Prevention in Southern California

Angina is chest pain that occurs when your heart is deprived of freshly oxygenated blood. It usually results from an underlying heart condition like coronary artery disease. Angina treatment and prevention focuses on relieving the chest pain associated with angina and addressing your underlying heart disease.

At Dignity Health Southern California, we believe the future of medicine is as much about kindness and compassion as it is about the latest technology. Our caring doctors practice empathy along with specialized angina treatment in Southern California at five state-of-the-art locations in Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Glendale, and San Bernardino.

Use our online Find a Doctor tool to learn more. Our heart care team will answer your questions with respect, so you can feel comfortable and confident in getting the treatment you need.

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Tips for Angina Prevention

Improving your heart health may help you prevent angina attacks. Consider making these choices for a heart-healthy lifestyle:

  • Treat any heart conditions you have such as hypertension or high cholesterol.
  • Maintain good control of your blood sugar if you have type 2 diabetes
  • Avoid angina triggers such as overeating at a meal
  • Stop smoking
  • Learn how to cope with stress in constructive ways
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy body weight

Personalized Treatment for Chest Pain at Dignity Health Southern California

Is your angina mild and infrequent? If so, you may just need to make some lifestyle changes to manage it. Does your angina feel more severe and occur often? Then, you may need to consider medications or medical procedures. Your doctor will work with you closely to understand your experience with angina attacks, as well as consider your overall health. 

These lifestyle changes may be recommended:

  • Quit smoking
  • Start a heart-healthy diet
  • Exercise as directed by your cardiologist

Additional treatment options include:

  • Medications to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) or high cholesterol
  • Medications such as nitroglycerine to relax your blood vessels and promote blood flow to your heart tissue
  • Medical procedures to open blocked coronary arteries
  • Cardiac rehabilitation program to provide medical supervision of your diet and exercise

At Dignity Health Southern California, we take your health to heart. Reach out to us to receive the personal care you need for your chest pain.

Dignity Health doctors provide personalized angina treatment and tailored angina prevention in Southern California.

Angina Treatment at Dignity Health Hospitals in Southern California