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Skilled Heart Valve Repair in Southern California

If you have a valve in your heart that doesn’t close properly or has narrowed and become stiff, the valve may need to be repaired. Repairing a malfunctioning value can help your heart work better, so you feel better and have a better quality of life.

At Dignity Health Southern California, your quality of life is our foremost concern. Our doctors get to know each patient personally, developing relationships designed to keep you and your heart healthy for a lifetime. We provide comprehensive heart services, including specialized heart valve repair, in Southern California at five comfortable, modern locations in Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Glendale, and in the Inland Empire.

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Why We Perform Heart Valve Repair

Heart valve repair addresses problems that prevent your heart from working as it should: 

  • Narrowing of the valves due to the buildup of fatty plaques
  • Stenosis of any of the heart valves, which causes them to become stiff or misshapen
  • Regurgitation by any of the heart valves. This occurs when the valve doesn’t close tightly, and blood seeps back into the heart chamber.

Heart valve repair may be performed if you have a valve disease or mitral valve condition that isn’t severe enough for valve replacement.

What to Expect with Heart Valve Repair at Dignity Health Southern California

To repair heart valves, our specially trained cardiovascular surgeons perform both traditional, open heart surgery and minimally invasive procedures. Open heart surgery includes ring annuloplasty to support a leaky valve and valve repair to trim and reshape the flaps that form the entrance to your heart valves. Minimally invasive heart valve repair includes robotic valve surgery and balloon valvuloplasty, which stretches a narrow valve.

Recovery After Heart Valve Repair

After heart valve repair, you will spend several days in the hospital to support your recovery. You may feel some pain in your chest for days or weeks after heart valve repair. 

Full recovery may take four to six weeks. As you continue your recovery at home, you’ll have specific instructions from your Dignity Health Southern California doctor about activities to avoid. You’ll also be encouraged to eat a heart-healthy diet and walk as much as your doctor recommends. Your doctor will remain available throughout the process to answer questions and make any adjustments you may need to your recovery plan. 

Because heart valve repair can help your heart function better, many people report feeling more energized after treatment. Talk to doctor today to see how we can improve your heart health.

Dignity Health doctors and staff support your heart health with comprehensive services, including specialized heart valve repair, in Southern California.

Heart valve repair at Dignity Health in Southern California