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Ease Symptoms with Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in Southern California

When blood vessels in your legs or arms become narrowed or blocked by fatty plaque deposits, you can develop peripheral artery disease (PAD)

You don’t have to live with the pain of PAD. At Dignity Health Southern California, treatments are available that may not only relieve your pain, but also slow the progress of your condition and reduce your risk of complications. 

Our trusted cardiologists provide peripheral artery disease treatment with equal parts expertise and compassion. Use our online Find a Doctor tool to make an appointment today. We have several local, convenient hospitals designed with the whole person in mind in Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Glendale, and in Inland Empire cities San Bernardino, Fontana, and Highland.

PAD Prevention

PAD is more than painful. It can lead to problems walking or even complete immobility. The disease is caused by the same thing that causes heart disease: buildup of fatty plaques inside the arteries. The plaque builds up to the point that it restricts the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your body’s tissues.

You can help prevent PAD with a heart-healthy lifestyle:

  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Eat a heart-healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Don’t smoke
  • Control your blood sugar if you have diabetes

When you take care of your heart, you can avoid many problems that can keep you from being active. To help with answers, take our quick online heart risk assessment.

Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease at Dignity Health Southern California

If you think you may have PAD, it’s important to seek treatment. Without treatment, PAD can cause serious complications such as blood clots.These clots can block the flow of blood through an artery, causing tissue in the feet or legs to die. Amputation may be necessary.

The good news is that a range of treatment options are available. They include:

  • Medications to prevent blood clots, treat high blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol
  • Surgery to improve blood flow, including peripheral artery bypass surgery, stent placement, and atherectomy, a procedure to remove plaque buildup from inside the arteries
  • Lifestyle changes such as those recommended to prevent PAD

Considering Your PAD Treatment Options

At Dignity Health Southern California, your doctor will work with you to develop a treatment plan for PAD that works for you. Your doctor will explain the goals, risks, and benefits of each treatment.

Most people with PAD will be asked to make lifestyle changes. If you need help making a change, such as quitting smoking, your doctor can help.

In designing your treatment plan, the severity of your PAD will be considered, as well as your symptoms. Voice your personal preferences with your doctor, especially if surgery is recommended. Surgical procedures for PAD are generally considered safe, but there is potential for complications. Your doctor will explain how to minimize them. 

Caring Dignity Health doctors provide expert peripheral artery disease treatment in Southern California.

Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment at Dignity Health in Southern California